Teton Sunset

Today’s travel-back photo is the Teton Sunset.  Our first night in the Teton’s after a 2 (long) day journey with kids.  Thank goodness for minivan’s and a play station.  If I remember correctly, we also started our state license plate game.  We got every state but 1!!

The sunset’s at the lake were miraculous.  Like god painted from memory, knowing that he/she will just etch-a-sketch it overnight and try again tomorrow.


Teton Sunset-proc

I am happy to say that I am finally becoming more mobile.  My knee still aches constantly, but at least I can hobble around more efficiently.  Yesterday’s outing was happily a slow walk thru target.  Today, the dogs and I resumed some small normalcy and picked up dog poop after work and tossed those damn walnuts back over the fence.

I am so grateful for my youngest son that has been driving me around and my husband that never fails to come hither when ever needed.  I am truly blessed.

God’s Country

When you are driving in the middle of no where, I can only imagine what our ancestors thought as they came across such beautiful countryside.  Each mile is full of new wonderment.

The photo below was taken somewhere along I80 just North of Laramie, WY up onto Highway 287 on the way to the Teton’s National forest.  The foot hills turn into the upper plains.  The Upper plains turn into ridges and then into peaks.  Slowly you can see that humans are just little ants on the hill.  All the real power for change comes from within our wonderful little marble.

So no matter which gods and miraculous beings you believe in,  you have to know that these gorgeous landscapes were created by one awesome force.

God's Country-proc

Lone Star Geyser

Lone Star is our “family” geyser.  We have seen it erupt each time our family has visited Yellowstone.  Considering that it only erupts every 3-4 hours, back in the 70’s this was a feat to see the geyser.

Modern day viewing makes eruption predictions a little easier.  You can call the ranger station and get yesterday’s eruption log and extrapolate when you think it will go.

In 2010, we were staying in West Yellowstone.  So that is nearly a 30 minute drive (barring moose jams) and that is pushing it.  When we arrived at the trailhead, we had to avoid a bull bison that thought it was his space.  The trail was about 2 miles in.  The last couple hundred yards we all ran because you could hear the geyser erupting.

A wonderful afternoon was spent, playing in the creek and lunching until we got to view a 2nd eruption before heading the long hike home.

Lone Star Geyser-proc Lone Star Geyser Plate

Hot Springs – Yellowstone Lake

Being stuck inside and fairly immobile gets me wanting to be outside.  What better way then to review trip photo’s and plan the next time to go back.

Below is from 2010’s trip to Yellowstone.  We took a hike around one of the many walking areas around Yellowstone Lake.  The lake is the largest highest elevation lake in the US.

Looking at the photo you can only imagine the 2 worlds of “habitable” and “inhospitable” areas.  Both are probably equally deadly, but one side looks so much more inviting.

I think we got to hear a ranger at this site.  She laughed off on of the kids questions on if you could go swimming in the nice “blue” water.  Giggling and looking at parents she joyfully said, “If the fall & the boiling water doesn’t kill you, the bacteria living in there will!  So mom’s and dad’s, if you want to take your children home . . . keep a close eye on them.”

yellowstone lake hot spring 2010

The Flop Contest

Every year at Bartle, the Scoutmasters are expected to participate in the belly flop contest.  The kids love it!!  The Scoutmaster graciously submits to torture.  All in the name of fun!!

Great Job Rob!!  You make the troop proud!!

Happy Father’s Day

As I sit here writing, just saying “happy father’s day” doesn’t seems like it is enough.  The words are easy, but the older we get, the more blessed we are to truly have a terrific relationship.

Blessed with so many great adventures, from back packing and camping, to learning how to body surf.  Always willing to go local and try something new and different.  Listening to Jeremy’s stories about Papa on their trip brings a flood of memories.

Great ones like staying overnight in a castle in Spain.  Scary when he was in the car accident in Jeddah. REALLY Scary when Dad had an asthma attack and collapsed in Bakersfield the day the station wagon broke down.  Hilarious when the “Dernetz clan” welcomed Rob into the clan.  Tense ones when Dad grilled Rob about his “intentions”.  Frustrating ones when we truly didn’t understand where each other was coming from.  Sorrow through the many painful moments our lives.  Joy in seeing you find love again.  Grief in the loss of two terrific brothers. Pride in watching me get married. Protective and always looking after for me even when I didn’t recognize it or was too stubborn to want it. Shear happiness seeing his grandsons for the first time.

Now watching you create new great memories with my husband & sons is a new blessing. Large family adventures to San Diego, Fishing trout ponds to bait boats, Trips to Kansas, the museums (so many museums), going to Yellow Stone & the Tetons.  Family Reunions and weddings in Baltimore.  Taking Sean to Philadelphia & Baltimore and now your trip with Jeremy’s trip to Spain.

Thank You!! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for me, for Rob, and the boys. Blessed are all those wonderful memories. I can’t wait to make more together.

I love you Dad!

Wayne & Julia

Happy Father’s Day

love Julie

kids. fountains. need I say more?

We went to Park Place tonight and had dinner at Pig & Finch.  Park was having their summer concert series.  Nice Band, good blend or rock and blues.

Best was watching the kids.  After 4 days of rain, seeing the kids play in and out of the fountains let’s you know summer is finally going to take root.

IMG_0505 - Version 3 IMG_0507 - Version 3 IMG_0509 - Version 2