Merits of Scouting by a Troop 10 Eagle Scout, Steven Madigan

I wanted to share the following article with you.

I can certainly attest that Steven has grown so much though the program.  We are very proud of the young man that he has become.

The Worst Job

This morning’s “daily post” prompt asks us to write about the job you could never imagine doing.  The more I thought about that question, the more angry I got.  I have had nightmare jobs & unimaginable bosses, but there was never a job I couldn’t image doing.  Maybe that I had not thought enough yet that job wouldn’t occur to me, but never “not” doing.  Not Working has never been an option.

I’ve baby sat, done yard work.  I’ve cleaned houses, I’ve cleaned offices.  Cleaning offices led me to small accounting jobs.  I’ve served ice cream and I’ve sold sheets & linens.  I’ve answered phones and done payroll.  I’ve written copy for a small advertiser and I’ve done home mortgages.  I was hired to do office work but ended up packing electronics.  I’ve made collection calls and i’ve managed large multi-million dollar projects.  I’ve even owned my own business with my sis-in-law.

My worst job wasn’t the one with the boss that hit on me and thought it was okay to show off playboy magazines.  The worst was the silicon valley business that asked me to call the labor department to see how they could officially change work holiday hours so they wouldn’t have to pay their hourly employees a holiday wage.  They fired me and then lied to the labor department that I quit so they wouldn’t have to pay unemployment insurance.

My feeling on bad companies is that they are a lot like bad people.  You may not see them get their “due”, but what goes around always comes around.

Lessons learned from all of those jobs??

  • If it pays the bills, take the offer.  You can always trade up our out in the future.
  • Show up & WORK!!
  • Always do your best job.
  • Always be honest and follow your ethics.
  • Treat people the way you want to be treated.  No one is “beneath you”.  period
  • Acknowledge and thank the cleaning lady for keeping the restroom or locker room clean each and every day.
  • If someone gives you too much change you always give it back as they have to “tie” out their register sometime.
  • No one treat’s your business as well as you do.
  • Until you have had to meet your own payroll, don’t complain about the boss.
  • Never, Never, Ever complain about your company in public.  You never know who is listening.

Toad Stools

Some time you need to yell stop so you can jump out of the car to capture a shot. As we were leaving the cemetery and chatting about the civil war battle that occurred on the south side, I saw these toad stools on the grass. The were HUGE!!!


To get this shot, I used the wide angle lens at 10 and laid down on the grass to get the perspective.
All that was missing were the fairies zipping around scolding the ghosts for partying too late into the night.

Buck O’Neill and Satchel Paige


I was able to get out of the house today!! After dropping no.dos. off at a school function, we made our way to Troost & Gregory to find the Forest Lawn / Chapel Hill cemetery.

Leroy Satchel Paige & wife Lahoma Jean Satchel Piage back of grave

This cemetery is a who’s who of Kansas City. My main goal was to find Satchel Paige’s grave.  H Roe Bartle is buried there.  There are the Ward’s, the Warnell’s, the Newcomer family, The Waldo’s, etc.

Whole family sections going back 100+ years.

Our last stop was to visit my Kansas City favorite, Buck O’Neill.

Rob and Buck

look closely and you can see Rob in the reflection

Teton Sunset

Today’s travel-back photo is the Teton Sunset.  Our first night in the Teton’s after a 2 (long) day journey with kids.  Thank goodness for minivan’s and a play station.  If I remember correctly, we also started our state license plate game.  We got every state but 1!!

The sunset’s at the lake were miraculous.  Like god painted from memory, knowing that he/she will just etch-a-sketch it overnight and try again tomorrow.


Teton Sunset-proc

I am happy to say that I am finally becoming more mobile.  My knee still aches constantly, but at least I can hobble around more efficiently.  Yesterday’s outing was happily a slow walk thru target.  Today, the dogs and I resumed some small normalcy and picked up dog poop after work and tossed those damn walnuts back over the fence.

I am so grateful for my youngest son that has been driving me around and my husband that never fails to come hither when ever needed.  I am truly blessed.

God’s Country

When you are driving in the middle of no where, I can only imagine what our ancestors thought as they came across such beautiful countryside.  Each mile is full of new wonderment.

The photo below was taken somewhere along I80 just North of Laramie, WY up onto Highway 287 on the way to the Teton’s National forest.  The foot hills turn into the upper plains.  The Upper plains turn into ridges and then into peaks.  Slowly you can see that humans are just little ants on the hill.  All the real power for change comes from within our wonderful little marble.

So no matter which gods and miraculous beings you believe in,  you have to know that these gorgeous landscapes were created by one awesome force.

God's Country-proc