Date Almond snacks

I worked on my date almond snacks and tried to get better measurements this time.

1 cup almonds
1 1/2 scoops protein powder
15-18 dates ( more if you want chewier)

Mix in food processor. grind almonds and protein to powder.
Add in dates (pitted) one at a time. When mixture crawls up side of processor you are getting close. You want a sticky moist but not wet consistency.

put Parchment paper on cookie sheet. Heat oven to 425 deg.

Take mixture and spread on parchment paper. Get as even as possible either with fingers or with rolling pin.

Cook in oven for 8-10 minutes depending on how chewy to crisp you like your snacks.

Cut into bite size pieces. I package mine 3-4 a bag. Freeze some for easy travel or camping snacks.

Yields approx 24 date nut snacks

60 cal each
Fat 3-4gram
Carb 6 gram
Protein 6 grams





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