Fat and Cholesterol Misconceptions

Another Great article on Fat by Tom Nikkola – Director of Nutrition & Weight Management

The tide is changing in how development of cardiovascular disease is seen in relation to diet, though not fast enough. Consumers must become more educated about the truth around heart health as food companies and large organizations will be much slower to change their messaging. To summarize what the evidence suggests about cardiovascular disease,

  • Saturated fat in the diet is not associated with an increased risk of developing heart disease and has little impact on lipid levels in the blood
  • Carbohydrate consumption beyond what’s needed to keep glycogen levels full stimulates production of fat in the blood (triglycerides)
  • Replacing saturated fat with carbohydrate (all that white food) results in a slight increase in heart disease risk.
  • Replacing saturated fat (your sunflower oils) with omega-6 fatty acids increases cardiovascular disease risk.

To reduce the chance of developing cardiovascular disease, instead of eating less saturated fat, the authors of the article suggest:

Recommendations to increase intake of omega-3 PUFA, fruit and vegetables and reduce sodium intake to increase physical activity, to reduce trans-fatty acid intake and reduce the intakes of carbohydrate with high glycemic index, such as notably found in soft drinks and candy, seem more prudent candidates in the battle against CVD than to reduce SAFA intake to the recommended


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