Skinny Jeans

So – Finally on vacation!!!!!  Every year, I schedule Thanksgiving week off and about 2 weeks at Christmas.  hard to wait for good family time, but in the end it is worth it.  I am so looking forward to my Mom getting here on Sunday night.  it will be so nice to see her and Jim.  I am not sure she has seen me this skinny since when Rob and I started dating in college.

Today I am wearing my skinny jeans.  Actually hand me downs from Marie’s son.  While they are going eeeewwwwwww, I am saying cool!!!  I fit in 34×30’s!!!!

So the other thing that happened this week was one of the  nice ladies from 35, asked if i was melting away.  i said no, I had about 25 pounds more to go.  She said FROM WHERE??  And I pointed right to middle. But that got me thinking.  How do we decide what our optimal weight should be.  For me, the BMI and height weight index says that I should be 135 pounds.  I know.  That would make me pretty anorexic.  I put my goal weight at 160 but more than that, I put 32×30’s for 501 jeans.  I figured, I was pretty darn fit in high school and I was a 32×32.  We always joked, between Cass and I, that I was square.  i like the 30’s now, because I like a shorter pant.  But 32 width has got to be a good thing.

Before the flood, I found my old prom dress from 1985.  My Vovo and I had already pulled a lot pf seams apart.  the goal was to get it into a cute cocktail dress not a formal.  While that didn’t happen, it is interesting to see the construction and bust size from high school  What I thought was big back then, is way too small.  but, the overall construction, would probably be a 30×30.  No I don’t think i can feel comfortable there, but in working off my gut, I thing both 32 is not only attainable but absolutely a minimum good size for the new me.

Again, that got me thinking.  What does BMI have to do about anything.  I was plugging in my height weight and BMI charts say that I am still overweight at 160.  159 is the weight that it finally flips to normal weight.  Now, I get that fat is fat.  But does the BMI chart make sense that you are “over weight” at 162 and not at 159??

More over.  You are eating healthy, you feel terrific and you weigh 170.  Your body seems to have found its equilibrium there.  So what gives??  Are you overweight????

I find myself asking these questions because more and more companies are starting health wellness programs.  insurance companies will eventually move to pricing based upon conventional wisdom guidelines.  But what id those guidelines are not correct?  meaning, I could be skinny, but not healthy.  I could be fat but extremely healthy and fit.

Just thinking and asking.


What do you think?   jmd


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