2012 Challenge Anyone?

So trying to see who wants to form a little fun group for 2012.

Rules? Not many.

-Give atta-chicks (or dude) when you see our group make good choices
-Share Healthy recipes
-Share what is working (or not) and why
-Get out and move somehow. The gym isn’t for all. But you can still do something to get your heart going. Oh and you need to post it.
-ignore the nasty mean people. Bottom line they are jealous which is why they bring you crappy food and thoughts to chew on.

Think about it. We’ll start around 1-15-12

Vadelia Onion Salad Dressing

Rob has been bringing home Ken’s dressing.  very tasty, however made with the oils and other stuff I don’t eat any more.  Solution?  make your own.

In your blender mix the following:

  • 1/2 have sweet vadelia onion chopped
  • 3/4 cup olive oil
  • 3/4 white wine vinegar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • pepper to taste

Blend it into submission.



Got in a couple walks the last couple days!

Saturday, Buck & I went for about a mile

Sunday, Rob Buck and I took a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood.

Monday, Shirley and I did our 30 minute power walk.  The maintenance guys were working on getting holiday music volumn just right.  So we helped with which speakers were too loud or not working. 

Orange Mango Smoothie

Can I just say yum!!  Today’s breakfast for the on the go chick was an Orange Mango Smoothie.

In the blender:

  • 1 orange
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 3/4 – 1 cup frozen mango’s
  • 2 scoops whey protein vanilla


Takes like the old Orange Julius for when we were kids.  I gave Rob a little taste.  He loved it!

Hey hon?  we’re out of frozen mango’s now.

Widely held beliefs?

Someone posed an interesting question today.  What are your widely held beliefs that you are now trying to counter-act to ensure positive changes in attitude or behavior.

I have been actively working to combat a couple of beliefs this last year:

  1. I need someone to do outdoor or gym activity with
  2. If you eat it/made it – then I need to eat it or feel guilty
  3. When my tummy grumbles that I am hungry

Happy to say that I feel I have mostly conquered 1 & 2.
1) If I want to go do something, I do. Most of the time now, I find if I ask early enough (ie give a little bit of warning or provide timeframe – my awesome hubby always wants to go with me.
2) I really don’t care what you made but instead try to focus on how very thankful I am for your kindness.

now on the other hand . . .
3) This has been a very hard one for me. Increasing protein in am and having appropriately sized meals, I find I am not as hungry between them. If I do have grumbles, I stop more to pay attention what I am feeling. Then mostly I go get some nice tea or water. Monthly cravings are hard (& coming up this week).


What are some of your beliefs and challenges?

20 days until Christmas

and I feel like I am doing pretty well.  Overall, last week and this weekend consisted of good food choices.  Lunches last week were lots of salads with good protein.  Did up a couple specialty meals last couple days that worked within guidelines.

Friday – I tried making pecan encrusted salmon with grilled onions.  I thought it tasted great.  My goal was to NOT over cook the salmon.  Everyone cleared their plates (always a good sign).

Saturday was smoothie morning.  (Did I tell you I love my blendtek!)  And while I had a great breakfast (vanilla protein, banana/pear with coconut milk), I think Buck may have had a better breakfast than either Rob or I.  Yes we were out of DOG FOOD.  So we cleared out the fridge of left overs for him.  Gasp, he got the last 2 pieces of salmon and some veggies.

Saturday night was DATE NIGHT with my boyfriend.  It was so nice to get out to Sullivan’s for yummies and jazz.  Both Greg & Joe were happy to see us, but you could tell that it had been too long since we were there.  Jazz was super cool basa-nova / late fifties.  Those two are a riot.  For dinner we split the seafood sampler.  I got creative and asked for extra horseradish & dijon to avoid the HFCS in the cocktail sauce.  May I just say yummy.  We did break down for a little dessert.  Peanut butter pie.  But mostly we left the crust behind.  Evidently they actually make the peanut butter mousse and the shells separately.  So next time, we’ll our just the mousse & cream with no shell.

Sunday breakfast you already saw.  Ta Da!!!!!

Sunday dinner before committee meeting (ugh – we need to set a timer for topics.  2.25 hours is TOO LONG) I did up some salsa chicken with veggies.


No Exercise all weekend, unless you count walking back and forth in my studio and up and down stairs. 

Weight 186.6 and tight newer find pants fitting well.

Hollandaise Sauce

I finally had time to try out a different way to make Hollandaise Sauce this morning.  Using a Blender!!


“A blender”, you say?

“Doesn’t  hollandaise require time-consuming stirring over a low heat on the stove so that the lemon doesn’t curdle the egg??



This handy little tip comes from Andy and Gina Atzenweiler!


  • 3 egg yolks
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup butter

Melt butter separately in small sauce pan

Separate the egg yolks and put into blender. Add Lemon juice to egg yolks and slightly pulse the mixture.

Once butter is melted, turn blender on low and slowly add the butter to the blender.

Once blended serve immediately while hot, or put in the fridge for an hour and serve cool.