20 days until Christmas

and I feel like I am doing pretty well.  Overall, last week and this weekend consisted of good food choices.  Lunches last week were lots of salads with good protein.  Did up a couple specialty meals last couple days that worked within guidelines.

Friday – I tried making pecan encrusted salmon with grilled onions.  I thought it tasted great.  My goal was to NOT over cook the salmon.  Everyone cleared their plates (always a good sign).

Saturday was smoothie morning.  (Did I tell you I love my blendtek!)  And while I had a great breakfast (vanilla protein, banana/pear with coconut milk), I think Buck may have had a better breakfast than either Rob or I.  Yes we were out of DOG FOOD.  So we cleared out the fridge of left overs for him.  Gasp, he got the last 2 pieces of salmon and some veggies.

Saturday night was DATE NIGHT with my boyfriend.  It was so nice to get out to Sullivan’s for yummies and jazz.  Both Greg & Joe were happy to see us, but you could tell that it had been too long since we were there.  Jazz was super cool basa-nova / late fifties.  Those two are a riot.  For dinner we split the seafood sampler.  I got creative and asked for extra horseradish & dijon to avoid the HFCS in the cocktail sauce.  May I just say yummy.  We did break down for a little dessert.  Peanut butter pie.  But mostly we left the crust behind.  Evidently they actually make the peanut butter mousse and the shells separately.  So next time, we’ll our just the mousse & cream with no shell.

Sunday breakfast you already saw.  Ta Da!!!!!

Sunday dinner before committee meeting (ugh – we need to set a timer for topics.  2.25 hours is TOO LONG) I did up some salsa chicken with veggies.


No Exercise all weekend, unless you count walking back and forth in my studio and up and down stairs. 

Weight 186.6 and tight newer find pants fitting well.

What's on your mind?? Let me know!!!

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