Widely held beliefs?

Someone posed an interesting question today.  What are your widely held beliefs that you are now trying to counter-act to ensure positive changes in attitude or behavior.

I have been actively working to combat a couple of beliefs this last year:

  1. I need someone to do outdoor or gym activity with
  2. If you eat it/made it – then I need to eat it or feel guilty
  3. When my tummy grumbles that I am hungry

Happy to say that I feel I have mostly conquered 1 & 2.
1) If I want to go do something, I do. Most of the time now, I find if I ask early enough (ie give a little bit of warning or provide timeframe – my awesome hubby always wants to go with me.
2) I really don’t care what you made but instead try to focus on how very thankful I am for your kindness.

now on the other hand . . .
3) This has been a very hard one for me. Increasing protein in am and having appropriately sized meals, I find I am not as hungry between them. If I do have grumbles, I stop more to pay attention what I am feeling. Then mostly I go get some nice tea or water. Monthly cravings are hard (& coming up this week).


What are some of your beliefs and challenges?

What's on your mind?? Let me know!!!

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