Monday Mayhem Recap

Blake – this is my shout out to you since you asked last night!!!    

Monday’s are SOOOOO hard to get everything squeezed in.  Luckily we had a Scout reprieve night and didn’t have to be anywhere until 7pm last night. 

Work Out!

  • 30 minutes power walk with Shirley
  • 4 running sets of stairs
  • 3 sets squats

Food Recap (after a very lazy unfocused weekend)

  • Bkfst – Chocolate Kiwi Strawberry protein smoothie
  • Lunch – grilled salmon & broccoli
  • snack – almonds
  • dinner – mushroom sausage stir fry & chicken

So get out side already!

Building sets for Sean’s play

Today, Team Day helped OTMS theater team build sets. We built and hung the movable walls of the castle. Jeremy and Rob pulled down and re-hung curtains. We all helped to drill holes for the walls. I swept up way more saw dust then I would Like to see in long time

We lifted sets. Moved lumber, props, stuff, stuff I don’t know what it’s called and parts that I can not name.

Done. Tired. Saw dust is washed away. I think everyone deserves Jack Stack for dinner

Sorry Not Logged Workouts!!

Sorry to be so lazy and not log any work outs.  Well, lazy with writing, not lazy on missing the walks.

This week was a good week of walkies with Shirly.  We did 3 out of 5 days.  Extra work for me and some really bad computer rewaves for her kept us off the track.

I will get to make things up tonight.  Rob and I are heading with Mike and Marie for dancing lessons.  Can’t wait.

Mowing the lawn

Not sexy like the gym but 1 hour mowing lawn, lifting heavy things, and my 30 minute walk with Shirley? Yup. That is counting as my work out today.

60 deg outside at 4:30. Gosh. This is like a California winter. Ut oh! When will mother nature hit???

Get outside while we can!

Clementine Smoothie

I love starting some mornings off with a smoothie. No, not from jamba juice or smoothie king, but my own fresh yummy goodness

1cup coconut milk
2 little clementines (peeled)
2 scoops whey vanilla powder
1 cup ice

Hold on to that blender until it is done!

Happy Wednesday everyone! What are you having for breakfast today?

Good Food

Well for the challenge, I have been trying not to push food (yet). You and your doctor should make your own choices. Tonight, at Chez Day was Curry Leek soup and steak. OMG was the soup good!

Follow the recipe below. My substitutions were coconut milk (Thai Milk) for regular milk. No potatoes but did cut up a turnip for a starch. Totally tasty!!!!!

Getting Ready for the 2012 Challenge

It is so great to see so many posts about everyone getting ready, saying “they’re in”, change is in the air, kicking carb’s to the curb, did my walks today, etc.  This is such an important part of the process.  Keep up the momentum!

However, there were a couple of reasons I don’t want to start the challenge until mid-month.  Specifically, we need to make sure we’ve each laid our foundation of Purpose, Preparation and Planning.


According to Wikipedia . . . Purpose is a word meaning an object to be reached; a target; an aim; a goal; a result that is desired; an intention. Purpose’s basic concept is an individual’s voluntary behavior activity awareness. Defining purpose is often relatively vague and almost meaningless; however, the concept is valuable and therefore retained.

I think you  must think about the purpose of what you are undertaking.  The “why” is just how you got here.  It is the story that set up your purpose.  But purpose, I think, is more than why.  It is deliberate.  I am doing this on Purpose. I am making a conscious choice to change.  My purpose is to become a healthy individual.



Preparation takes me from my purposeful intent to do something, to the next step of visualizing of my impending actions.

As defined – Preparation.  NOUN  1. preparing something or somebody: the work or planning involved in making something or somebody ready or in putting something together in advance ( often used before a noun)” a preparation time of about 45 minutes”   2. readiness: a state of readiness “Twenty place settings lay carefully arranged in preparation for the guests.” 3. preparatory measure: something done in advance in order to be ready for a future event (often pl)

We have to prepare ourselves for what is to come.  There is the physical side of preparation.  Cleaning out the cupboards, making a shopping list, buying a new set of shoes, etc.  But I found that preparation for me meant that I needed to decide that I was truly committed to the process that was to come. It was my mental commitment that I didn’t want to be fat anymore.



I love this word.  Planning.  I use the work a lot, at home, work, in boy scouts.   I need to plan my vacation.  What meals shall we plan this week? Shall we make plans to meet at the gym later?

Planning, by definition, is the process of setting goals, developing strategies, and outlining tasks and schedules to accomplish the goals.

Think about it.  Terrific vacations can sometimes just magically happen.  Rob used to say “Reno” early on a Friday afternoon.  By 7pm that night, we had already hopped a plane and were playing blackjack at The Fitzgerald.  But think about the planning that you put into making everything work.  For vacations: Imaging the details of where you will stay, what your travel arrangements to get there will be like.  What will you do when you get there.  How much will it cost?  Planning a dinner party?  We make grocery lists, double check ingrediants, see what is on sale?  Do my guests like fish or are there any food allergies?

Good planning let’s me be successful.  It doesn’t matter if the planning is which gear I will need for camping this weekend or planning my exercise week out on paper.  Planning ahead helps me ensure that I can get it done. More over, it ensures that I have the opportunity to be successful once I start.


So take a little time out of your day this week and review your three P’s.

Purpose, Preparation, and Planning

What do each of these things mean to you?


Monday work out

Up at the gym by 8 this am. Thank you Rob!!!!!


5 minute warm up on treadmill

Seated squats. 40 lb 10 reps & 20 lb 3 reps of 15
Standing Squats 20 pounds 3 reps 10
Seated leg extensions 20 lb each leg separate 3 reps each
Calf extension 30 lb 3 reps each leg
Ham strung curls 20 lb 3 reps 15

Seated stretches legs extended flat
Crunches 25
Side to sides 25
Leg lifts – 3 angles 15 reps each on each leg
More reverse leg lifts with green bungee
Stretching with green bungee


Total about 55 minutes

Goal this next 2 weeks is to get knee Strength up To do step ups and step up cross overs

Weight today