Happy New Year 2012

Welcome 2012. Hard to believe you are here already.

December and our la Nina weather screamed by. But that means we were blessed with warm(er) walks, no snow and ice to slip on and the worry that winter will eventually catch up and beat us over the head with a stick.

So now that we are officially in January, what is on the calendar?

January is a busy scouting month with 2 Saturday’s dedicated to merit badge forum, committee meetings, and camp outs. I’ll be teaching Citizen in the World again. Quilting guilds start up again. The boys start new electives for the winter quarter. New teachers, expectations, and schedules. Monthly budgets and year out planning begins for Family vacation time. Busy tends to dominate the mind set.

Or does it?

I’ve already pulled the 2011 calendar off the wall. As I stood and stared at 2012, there was very little inked in. Granted that will change, but I challenge you to not fill every minute and day with needless activities. Instead, be sure to plan days off. By planning ahead that you want that free time (that you Know you’ll need) you are assuring yourself a little piece of mind. That and you won’t be killer tired and tempted to miss your Zumba class or dog walkies.

Remember that your body is counting on your head to make GOOD decisions.

So be smart and schedule those days off. You will thank yourself for it later. Trust me!

What's on your mind?? Let me know!!!

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