Monday Mayhem Recap

Blake – this is my shout out to you since you asked last night!!!    

Monday’s are SOOOOO hard to get everything squeezed in.  Luckily we had a Scout reprieve night and didn’t have to be anywhere until 7pm last night. 

Work Out!

  • 30 minutes power walk with Shirley
  • 4 running sets of stairs
  • 3 sets squats

Food Recap (after a very lazy unfocused weekend)

  • Bkfst – Chocolate Kiwi Strawberry protein smoothie
  • Lunch – grilled salmon & broccoli
  • snack – almonds
  • dinner – mushroom sausage stir fry & chicken

So get out side already!

2 thoughts on “Monday Mayhem Recap

  1. Way to go Julia! This past month I have been very lazy with my eating. Lots of stress at work this time of year. Today so far is good one for me….40 minutes on treadmill, 20 minutes of nautilus. Breakfast sandwich, greek yogurt for a snack. My motto is one day at a time, one meal at a time for now until I get my groove back!

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