Ordering out

Ordering out can be cumbersome and crazy. The specials sound so good, and you take the plunge. But before you do, ask how the meal is prepared. If something will be breaded, most chefs will do something a little different to make you happy.

My breakfast this am at the Pfister is a perfect example. I ordered two eggs over medium with bacon and fruit. If you are trying to avoid a food, ask the server to not even bring it to the table! The there is no temptation.

Finally, if the meal isn’t to your liking “send it back!”. Last night my steak was to raw and this morning my eggs came out runny. Some people get worried to send food back. I say No! You are paying for it. Nicely ask them to redo. Be gracious and always thank your server for the extra mile. Result? Yummy steak and eggs that came out perfect.

Have a super day and . . . Get out side already!

Eaves dropping

So I am in Milwaukee this week. There is nothing more interesting than eaves dropping on other peoples conversations. Honestly most people are so nice to each other. Just help me understand the other 10%????? Quirky!!!!!

Quotes from tonight. and not to me!!!!!!!

So do you want to chase or be chased?

Can you believe where the wanted to seat me?

If you want the lowest sales price it would be thru me.

Do you think the brewers will go all the way ? ?

Oh it is so time to go to bed.

Night everyone. Get a good night’s sleep as it will keep you healthy.

Where no one has gone before

Not enough time only did 30 minutes on Elip today. I’ll also threw in 2 sets of squats and pushups.

I love this episode! Kosinski (sp) the arrogant fraud gets the enterprise stuck on the other side of the universe. And we see Wesley show his smarts as the bright kid he is.

Why do folks like Kosinski take all the credit from the worthy? Hubris.

Off to scouts!!! Get to talk to new wide eyed scout parents.

Driving Range

You know it is going to be a good day when it starts out crisp clear and sunny. This is the kind of Kansas weather that entices you outside and then mocks you by being just a little bit too cold. Thank goodness for the little heater stalls that help keep you warm.

Rob and I spent an hour at the driving range. http://robinnigrogolf.com/ He’s been helping me get more out of my swing. I am proud to say that by following the directions, I’ve got a now consistent tee shot over over 100 yards. Wahoot! After a large bucket of balls, I can honestly say I am pooped out!

Take that 35 degree weather!!!!!

So get outside already and go play!

Craving the Crunch

My favorite cuz and I skyped last night.  I am so proud of all the healthy changes she is making. 

Our conversation got me thinking about the challenges that so many of us face.  Mainly, how and what do we replace our beloved snacks with?  Can something that is satisfying and taste good, really be good for you?  Think about it.  In our modern standard american diet (SAD) we are bombarded by “the eat this not that” mentality.  Diet food and weight loss products / services are a $55 billion dollar a year (2010) industry.  Could it be, perhaps, that the SAD promoted isn’t what will actually help you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle?


Healthy TIPS for Snackage

If you are trying to replace foods or food groups, only pick 1 thing a month to ditch.  It helps your body catch up.  1) getting “x” out of your system 2) replacing it with a healthy alternative 3) deciding if you really do need an alternative.

Ask your self . . .  What am I missing?  Do I just want the crunch?  If so, great ways to get a needed crunch are:  cut up vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, apples.  These are great snacks to add that zesty crunch to your snack.  If you need a little more zip, try parmesean crisps or kale chips.  YUM!


Make Good Food Accessible!!!

Gosh this is a biggie.  If good whole food is not readily available in your cupboards, freezers and fridges, sticking to even your best laid plans will be DOOMED. 

Prep your veggies and fruits the day you bring them home.  I turn on my music and have a chop fest on the days that Rob shops.  Lettuce is cleaned and made ready for salads, peppers and onions chopped and put into separate containers.  Strawberries are cleaned and prepped for easy grabbing.


Do you actually need a snack?

Seriously, you need to ask yourself if you are bored or does your body need fuel?  My mindful about how your body is feeling.  If fuel is the answer, think about what you really do need.  Is it protein, carbohydrates or healthy fat?  Mindfulness of how your body is feeling is key to feeling both satisfied and addressing cravings you have.


Ditch the Grain

Last year when I started the first part of my journey, I followed every single normal conventional wisdom (CW) approach out there.  I religiously counted every single calorie.  I used splenda or sweetener instead of real sugar.  Kaschi and Special K Bars were my afternoon friend.  Low fat meant that it was OK!  I could go on and on. 

Part of my journey I dedicated to reading about “successful” former fat people.  How did they overcome their weight.  What did they do differently?  The more I read, the more I learned that there was mounting evidence and research that grains, soy and wheat are not a healthy partner in my desired healthy lifestyle.  For me, when I read some of these things, it was like a light bulb going off in my head, “Oh!”  Could that be an integral part of what is making me feel icky (yeah a technical term)???”.

I read papers, lurked on forums, asked questions.  Finally, I decided I didn’t have anything to lose (well except you know what).  I decided to give up grains COLD TURKEY.  After all,  why not make an experiment out of it.

Oh MY GOD!!!  When I think back to January 2011, I still can’t believe I mad it through the process.  Week 1 was so hard.  But, I think sheer will-power got me through.  I kept thinking, I am on a diet, those things are now off my diet.  I can do this.  Week 2, I remember going out to dinner with Rob and the bread tray was delivered.  Rob started questioning me about my diet changes.  Back then, it was so hard to describe to people “what” I was trying to do.  The best way for me to talk about it as an experiment.  I am cutting out grains and processed foods to see what happens and if it will make a difference!  Weeks 3 and 4, when ever we were going to be in a social setting, I planned ahead how I would handle the “food”.  I researched the restaurant for what was good to eat and planned accordingly.  I started asking our Server to replace certain foods, with a salad or just not put in the plate.  When we went to friends houses, I brought snacks or dishes that I knew I would be comfortable eating.  NOTE – My body did start to change.  Week 5 and 6 – Two of the biggest things I noticed was that I didn’t need antacids any more and my tummy was way less gurgly (yup my IBS was going away).

By the end of February 2011, I decided that this was no longer an experiment for me, but that I would truly search out a grain free way of life.  Rob and I look back and I quote him “yeah, you were pretty much a born again food nut” after that.  An apt description, but yes, I’d say it’s correct.

1 Year Later?  For me, I’ve tried a couple of the gluten free chips and other things.  A bite is not bad, but anything more makes my tummy feel soooooo icky.  I have invested in several gluten free cook books and find opportunities to try new recipes using almond or coconut flour.  Asking for substitutions is normal.  When I go into the lunch room at work, I don’t mind looking at all the food options that people have.  I know that if I eat it, I’ll be sicker than a dog later and no piece of cake is worth that. 

Life has gotten easier, but you still have to be vigilant.  Read te Label!  Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what is in a dish.  Make your own healthy INFORMED decisions.  Based on everything you have read, ask your self if you think it will fit into your new healthy lifestyle.  If yes, give it a whirl!  Your body will tell you right away if it’s a no-go.

Afterall, it is your body and health that is at stake. 


NOW, go play out side already!

I pulled a couple of articles on Wheat for you. 

Kressers 9 steps series is a must read:     http://chriskresser.com/9-steps-to-perfect-health-1-dont-eat-toxins

MDA is one of my favorite daily haunts:    http://www.marksdailyapple.com/why-grains-are-unhealthy/


Mercola is cool, but sometimes he can be a little alarmist / “out there” with his articles.  That being said, unfortunately, most of the research points that wheat and grain products REALLY ARE doing more harm and creating inflammation to our bodies.  They are not the panacea of healthy eating.


Work outs this week are to Star Trek season 1. On the “last outpost” we get our first look at the Ferengi. So nice to hear the art of deception practiced with such ease.

I was telling Rob how formulaic these early episodes are, devolving the characters but stick to easy familiar plots.

Love the Chinese finger puzzle. Must bring some to the next campouts.

40 minutes on Elip. Done and ready to relax.

Stuff I can do now but couldn’t do 12 months ago!!!

As I was thinking about hitting 45 earlier today, I started remember all the things I couldn’t do just 12 months ago.  How about this for progress?

I now . . .

  • read every food label before buying
  • cooked & eaten parsnips
  • eat breakfast
  • don’t snack
  • fit & sleep comfortably in regular sleeping bag
  • wear women’s size 14 pants 
  • wear women’s size L shirts
  • can order size L off a catelog and be 98% sure it will fit.
  • shop on the “thin” girl’s side of the store
  • fit comfortably in an airplane seat without touching the arm rests
  • do 30 minutes on eliptical without being winded
  • run
  • walk by “insert food here”  (pizza, junk food, chips, soda) and think it smells revolting
  • ask the server just to the bread, chips, etc when we sit down for a restraurant meal.
  • make homemade meals from all fresh ingrediants in less than 20 minutes
  • make soup!
  • have coffee without sweetner or sugar (sorry still do HWC)
  • drink tea without sweetner
  • absolutely can not stand the taste of soda
  • make better breakfasts than the local eatery joints
  • have co-worker & neighbors walk by me and not recognize me
  • get cranky if I haven’t done my afternoon walk with Shirley
  • love to ride my bike on sunny day’s
  • find every opportunity to ride out to dog park with Buck!
  • apologize to Buck if I haven’t taken him on a walk
  • wear my grand mother’s wedding ring because mine doesn’t fit.
  • signed a non-GMO petition
  • get cranky if I don’t spend some time outside
  • fit under the maximum weight limit for BSA high adventure activities

Share a success!!!!

What can you now do that you couldn’t a year ago!

What do you want to do a year from now????

Lent & Turning 45

Gosh.  It is so hard to believe that Lent begins tomorrow and I’ll be turning 45 in 22 days.

First off, yes, every year, I actually do observe Lent.  I guess it is one of those things that you grow up with.  I am not a practising Catholic anymore, but Lent and the season of sacrifice and introspection still hit home. 

The only year I didn’t observe Lent was last year.  With all of the changes to diet, exercise, and everything, adding 1 more thing seemed crazy.  Instead, I focused on how to be the best person I could be and adhere to all my changes.  But as I start thinking about Lent again this year, I feel like I am pretty in control of my life and that I can return to “self-sacrifice” observation.

My old stand by has always been to give up CHOCOLATE.

Yummy nice rich dark chocolate.  AND NO!!! that is not a cop out.  Giving up chocolate is a lot harder than you may think.  Think of all the things that have da coco bean in it.  Coco flavored coffee, actual chocolate bars, whey protein powder, and evil desserts in general.  Not to mention, it is the unconscious behavior of simply putting the thing in your mouth!  Of course the first couple days are easy.  It’s the celebratory birthday dinners that you end up hitting your forehead saying DOH!

The good thing is that I randomly don’t pick up candy any more just to stuff my face.  I think this last year has been so wonderful in that I am actually deliberate on what I eat.  I ask myself, are you hungry?  Do you really want to do that?  Isn’t there a better alternative?  Invarialbly the answer I choose has been the right answer for my aging body.  And for the first time in over 20 years, I am really not worried about waking up another year older and many pounds more fat.  My husband will cringe at this, but now, even the days that I feel fat, I can look down at my Vovo’s wedding ring on my hand and know that I have made SOOOOO much progress to being a thin chick!  I can slide that ring on and off and there is even a small gap that is starting.

With that, I think we can bring on 45 with a vengence!!

Happy Mardi Gras!!!!!!

Yup, today is Mardi Gras!  This is about as racy as I will get with the Girls.

                                        (*) (*)

As a mom of two boys, the satisfaction is no longer acquiring the beads, but finding opportunities to GROSS your KIDS OUT!!!