Lent & Turning 45

Gosh.  It is so hard to believe that Lent begins tomorrow and I’ll be turning 45 in 22 days.

First off, yes, every year, I actually do observe Lent.  I guess it is one of those things that you grow up with.  I am not a practising Catholic anymore, but Lent and the season of sacrifice and introspection still hit home. 

The only year I didn’t observe Lent was last year.  With all of the changes to diet, exercise, and everything, adding 1 more thing seemed crazy.  Instead, I focused on how to be the best person I could be and adhere to all my changes.  But as I start thinking about Lent again this year, I feel like I am pretty in control of my life and that I can return to “self-sacrifice” observation.

My old stand by has always been to give up CHOCOLATE.

Yummy nice rich dark chocolate.  AND NO!!! that is not a cop out.  Giving up chocolate is a lot harder than you may think.  Think of all the things that have da coco bean in it.  Coco flavored coffee, actual chocolate bars, whey protein powder, and evil desserts in general.  Not to mention, it is the unconscious behavior of simply putting the thing in your mouth!  Of course the first couple days are easy.  It’s the celebratory birthday dinners that you end up hitting your forehead saying DOH!

The good thing is that I randomly don’t pick up candy any more just to stuff my face.  I think this last year has been so wonderful in that I am actually deliberate on what I eat.  I ask myself, are you hungry?  Do you really want to do that?  Isn’t there a better alternative?  Invarialbly the answer I choose has been the right answer for my aging body.  And for the first time in over 20 years, I am really not worried about waking up another year older and many pounds more fat.  My husband will cringe at this, but now, even the days that I feel fat, I can look down at my Vovo’s wedding ring on my hand and know that I have made SOOOOO much progress to being a thin chick!  I can slide that ring on and off and there is even a small gap that is starting.

With that, I think we can bring on 45 with a vengence!!

2 thoughts on “Lent & Turning 45

  1. Go Julia! I’ll make sure we don’t bring or send you chocolate this visit! Cannot wait to see the new you and celebrate whatever way you choose. But one thing I need to ask: are you still drinking wine on occasion?

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