Stuff I can do now but couldn’t do 12 months ago!!!

As I was thinking about hitting 45 earlier today, I started remember all the things I couldn’t do just 12 months ago.  How about this for progress?

I now . . .

  • read every food label before buying
  • cooked & eaten parsnips
  • eat breakfast
  • don’t snack
  • fit & sleep comfortably in regular sleeping bag
  • wear women’s size 14 pants 
  • wear women’s size L shirts
  • can order size L off a catelog and be 98% sure it will fit.
  • shop on the “thin” girl’s side of the store
  • fit comfortably in an airplane seat without touching the arm rests
  • do 30 minutes on eliptical without being winded
  • run
  • walk by “insert food here”  (pizza, junk food, chips, soda) and think it smells revolting
  • ask the server just to the bread, chips, etc when we sit down for a restraurant meal.
  • make homemade meals from all fresh ingrediants in less than 20 minutes
  • make soup!
  • have coffee without sweetner or sugar (sorry still do HWC)
  • drink tea without sweetner
  • absolutely can not stand the taste of soda
  • make better breakfasts than the local eatery joints
  • have co-worker & neighbors walk by me and not recognize me
  • get cranky if I haven’t done my afternoon walk with Shirley
  • love to ride my bike on sunny day’s
  • find every opportunity to ride out to dog park with Buck!
  • apologize to Buck if I haven’t taken him on a walk
  • wear my grand mother’s wedding ring because mine doesn’t fit.
  • signed a non-GMO petition
  • get cranky if I don’t spend some time outside
  • fit under the maximum weight limit for BSA high adventure activities

Share a success!!!!

What can you now do that you couldn’t a year ago!

What do you want to do a year from now????

What's on your mind?? Let me know!!!

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