Ordering out

Ordering out can be cumbersome and crazy. The specials sound so good, and you take the plunge. But before you do, ask how the meal is prepared. If something will be breaded, most chefs will do something a little different to make you happy.

My breakfast this am at the Pfister is a perfect example. I ordered two eggs over medium with bacon and fruit. If you are trying to avoid a food, ask the server to not even bring it to the table! The there is no temptation.

Finally, if the meal isn’t to your liking “send it back!”. Last night my steak was to raw and this morning my eggs came out runny. Some people get worried to send food back. I say No! You are paying for it. Nicely ask them to redo. Be gracious and always thank your server for the extra mile. Result? Yummy steak and eggs that came out perfect.

Have a super day and . . . Get out side already!

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