Hills with a view

This afternoon I waited patiently for Shirley to complete her calls so we could walk together. The sunshine was calling. I put my tennis shoes on along with my sunglasses. Shirley slyly asked, are you sure you can still go (it was 2:20). I did my best Buck body wag that said yes!!!

We zig zagged our way up to 6th street and crossed Broadway. The view overlooking the Might Mo to the river front and the downtown airport was spectacular.

So, if you haven’t done it yet, go get out side already!!!!




Chop Fest

Tonight was another chop fest. Basically bring home a ton of yummy good vegetables and prep them for easy use.

For salad, we always bring home a coupe heads of lettuce. After cleaning, break apart as you would for a salad. We store ours in a large plastic container. On the top, I put a paper towel. When we put the container in the fridge, we store upside down. This way the paper will absorb the moisture from the lettuce. It will extend the life of your lettuce as the moisture won’t be there to hasten the decay process. If you need to change the paper towel, because it is on the top you can easily switch out.

Yellow and orange peppers are cut up for salad toppers. As are onions or cucumbers. I store each in a separate container so if one goes bad they don’t kill the rest.

This makes preparing salads for work is very easy in the morning. Throw your favorite veggies on top and take to work. Remember your oil and vinegar is already stored at your desk. So the salad won’t wilt before lunch time.





Even Buck likes it Outside

This picture is curtesy of my husband.  Rob said Buck was acting strangely yesterday.  He was actually spending most of the day outside.  This from chicken dog who makes sure there are no big moster hawks, runs out side to pee really quickly and then darts back in. Evidently he is back out there today enjoying the sunshine before the thunderstorms hit.




Walking on Wednesday & Thursday

I forgot to log our workout yesterday. Shirley and I walked south on Baltimore from 11th street to about 21st street. I really like walking through the crossroads district. Plenty of Urban life to see. Of course the way back was a long hill all the way up & in the sun! Below is a picture of the BOA building as well as a great shot of The President Hotel (brown on left), the H&R Block bldg (glass oval in the middle) and AMC (brick on the right).

Also throughout Wednesday I got in a couple set of squats, and wall push ups.

Today (Thursday) was going to be a bit FUBAR with schedules, so at the last-minute we got in a 1/2 hour in the basement. We took the stairs both ways down and then back up. Yikes.

The weather this afternoon should be yucky outside so Rob and I have a date to meet at the gym.

What have you done to get out side already?



Can’t Beat this Salad!

You know you are eating well when the salad you bring from home are just about better than anything you could find eating out.

I did a big chop fest on Sunday afternoon, so there were plenty of fresh veggies and protiens to be had.

Hint- Don’t want to eat salad dressing with Soy lechtins, vegetable oil or other PUFA non goodness, try keeping a couple bottles of oil and vinegar in your desk drawer at work. I keep a really nice bottle of EVOO and white & basalmic vinegar for my salad concoctions. Add just before you eat then SHAKY SHAKY SHAKE and you are ready for lunch!


Stand & Deliver

Yet another article this morning that too much sitting is bad for your health.


I know, we see these articles posted ad nauseam.  But how do you change the brutal fact that we actually work all day or are in school sitting on our bums?  Most of us are not bustling around a shop or doing outdoor labor.  So, believe me, I understand!!!  It is truly hard to get moving during the day!

Here is what I do during the week to keep moving.  While not optimal, it certainly helps.

  • park a couple floors up or down and take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • at the grocery store or mall, you have heard this before, don’t circle for the spot in front, walk for it!
  • get up from your desk at least 1 time every hour.  Go fill your water glass and stretch
  • take the long way back to your desk
  • set aside lunch or some other break time for walking.  It is amazing how a little air in your lungs helps to clear your mind!
  • exercise!  do some wall push ups or squats in the handicap stall.  believe me no one will see you and won’t ask what you were doing “in there”!

While I don’t have one at work, when I work from home, I usually am at my craft table in the studio.  Picture 6 foot white banquet tables.  On each leg is a 12 inch length of 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe.  This brings the tables up to my height.  Perfect for standing!

I found a couple great pictures of standing desks.  I had heard about the treadmill desk.  I think I would feel like a hamster! (pic from Bengreenfieldfitness.com).  Although I am a bit envious of all those screens for my computer.

How about this get up!  one word.  Creepy                          (pic from popularasians.com)

My favorite is the Jeffersonian Desk.  Churchill also used a standing desk

So go try it already!

Monday meyhem

Little bit of everything today. Shirley and I got a 30 minute walk today.

After work, Rob helped move rocks and do a little gardening. I really love that we have been simplifying our garden and using nearly all perennials. If it doesn’t survive the winter, it gets ripped out.

After we got back from camping yesterday I mowed the lawn the long way. Every thing is greening up so nicely. I love this time of the year.

The Rain has Cleared!

Forgive me for not posting lately. Between Birthday week (yup I turned 45) and recovering from another cold, there has been not much room to get out side to complete any proper walks.

So, after being sick all weekend, I finally got back to work on Tuesday. With the non-stop rain, Shirley and I did our Tuesday & Wednesday daily walks on S5 of the parking garage. While not terribly scenic, there are a few classic cars and a couple jeeps that we get to see. Shirley’s favorite is the corvair and a red fast back mustang.

Today the clouds cleared and the breezes were fine. So we did the big hills over to the park by Quality Hill. An extra loop around one other building gave us another hill back in the other direction.

Today’s picture is on the tail end of our walk going East on 12th street. I am standing next to the KC Southern building. On the left (red brick) is the Marriott. Center foreground is Bartle Hall loading dock and the square glass building is our office.

Enjoy the sun . . . and


Go get outside already!!!!!!