Walking on Wednesday & Thursday

I forgot to log our workout yesterday. Shirley and I walked south on Baltimore from 11th street to about 21st street. I really like walking through the crossroads district. Plenty of Urban life to see. Of course the way back was a long hill all the way up & in the sun! Below is a picture of the BOA building as well as a great shot of The President Hotel (brown on left), the H&R Block bldg (glass oval in the middle) and AMC (brick on the right).

Also throughout Wednesday I got in a couple set of squats, and wall push ups.

Today (Thursday) was going to be a bit FUBAR with schedules, so at the last-minute we got in a 1/2 hour in the basement. We took the stairs both ways down and then back up. Yikes.

The weather this afternoon should be yucky outside so Rob and I have a date to meet at the gym.

What have you done to get out side already?



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