Chop Fest

Tonight was another chop fest. Basically bring home a ton of yummy good vegetables and prep them for easy use.

For salad, we always bring home a coupe heads of lettuce. After cleaning, break apart as you would for a salad. We store ours in a large plastic container. On the top, I put a paper towel. When we put the container in the fridge, we store upside down. This way the paper will absorb the moisture from the lettuce. It will extend the life of your lettuce as the moisture won’t be there to hasten the decay process. If you need to change the paper towel, because it is on the top you can easily switch out.

Yellow and orange peppers are cut up for salad toppers. As are onions or cucumbers. I store each in a separate container so if one goes bad they don’t kill the rest.

This makes preparing salads for work is very easy in the morning. Throw your favorite veggies on top and take to work. Remember your oil and vinegar is already stored at your desk. So the salad won’t wilt before lunch time.





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