How do you walk?

Marie and I were out Sunday for shopping and lunch.  We decided that salads at Jose Peppers would fuel us up.  So, as we were chatting and people watching, I observe our waiter walking through the restaurant backwards.  He was slowly working his way across the bar area.  Carefully he spied around his shoulder but didn’t do a full look (like little kids do when they are walking backwards).  With raised eyebrows I asked, if he was practicing his best Monty Python “Silly Walk”.  Nope, he was simply bored and the place was empty enough that he could play and not run into anyone.  Yes, it was really a goofy public spectacle.

Well if you haven’t realized it yet, it doesn’t take much to get my brain thinking, so . . .

How do you walk?

Seriously. This is not a knock or a gag, especially to all you knuckle draggers out there.  But think about it for a minute.  How you walk says a ton about you, how you feel, how your body is working (or not), etc.

Me?  I have been really focusing on my posture this year.  So when I walk, I actively think about holding my head up high, pulling my shoulders back, and sucking in my tummy.  This is harder than it looks for me, because, let’s face it, I’m a KLUTZ.  If I can trip on something, I will.  There only needs to be a small sudden gust of gravity and I will do a face plant on the floor. For years, I have looked at the ground as I walk, so better gauge the terrain.  Mind you, there are pluses about watching the ground.  I have found some of the neatest things ranging from money to jewelry! But for a journey that has been about becoming healthy, I really had a way to go in this department.

As part of my New Year’s resolutions, I wanted to work on my posture this year because I was noticing that I still “felt” round and frumpy when I looked in the mirror. Not to sound vain, but I spent a some hard time looking and decided I liked how I looked when my posture was better.  Unfortunately, years of looking down had made for poor muscle memory.  My shoulders drooped forward, my belly stuck out.  AND it was down right uncomfortable to stand up straight.  Yup!  My core muscles were going to need some serious retraining and work.

Now that the first quarter is already done, I can give you an update.  I have made some significant improvements.  It feels much more natural to hold my chin higher.  My shoulders and core don’t get as tired working to “suck it in”.  Honestly it feels good!  I find if i forget and am hunched over my computer, straightening up makes me feel so much better inside and out!

So think about your posture the next time you are out walking.  What does it say about you?


Oh yeah, and don’t forget to GET OUTSIDE ALREADY!



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