What’s in Your Brain

I had one of those moments over the weekend. My skinny girlfriends said I needed to get a new swim suit. I laughed and said I had just bought a new top (size 12) at Costco! I proudly turned and showed it off. They said oh no! ” I need something more skimpy to show off my new body”. At that, I seriously scoffed.

NO WAY!!! my brain screamed. You don’t have a body that You can show off.

So that thought has been plaguing me all week. What do I really look like. Is the same person I see in the mirror the same thing that other people see?? How do you align the two images.

A lot of days, when I look in the mirror, I think I am walking through the fun house.


Now, I know I DON’T look like that, but how is it that we allow our brains to do this to us? It’s smoke and mirrors most days!

For one thing, I do know it takes time to let your brain catch up with the progress your body has made. This is one reason why I am a firm believer in you need to take time out from your program and give you time to make peace with your changes. A great way to maintain through those breaks is to be sure to only wear your new tighter fitting clothes. NEVER go back and re-buy a bigger size.

But the other thing is that we do need to almost forgive ourselves for the punishment we have put our bodies through. I think sometimes, we let our brains tell us we are still fat as a kind of penance. We do it because we don’t want to believe we can now keep the body we have worked so hard to achieve.

So how do we over come this?????


Obviously it is not healthy to keep our minds all twisted up. That takes a hell of a lot of too much energy that I would rather spend elsewhere.

Bottom line . . . Acceptance. Accept the compliment. Accept that you have surrounded yourself with people that are cheering you on. Accept the lusty stares from your husband. Accept that you CAN keep and continue to improve your new body. Accept that you are truly WORTH it.


Well, enough rambling. If you haven’t done it yet today, Go get outside already.

I took my afternoon walk and it was WINDY!!!!!!

Equine Camping

We took the Dodson’s camping again this weekend. I reserved the spot. It looked so close to the lake. We brought both kayaks. Life was going to be fantastic. We even arranged to bring both the family’s dogs.

Not so fast Bucko!

First we had a hard time finding the campground (yes, sounding familiar already). We finally found a better map and our campground was around the other side. Back out onto the road drive drive drive.

Yes turn left here. There is the sign. Saddle ridge. Yup I found the horse campground again. With much blessings, at least I had the very last far end slip reserved. The nice lady next to us had 3 lovely black horses. The youngest kept calling over to Buck to play. With it’s little horsey play motions, Buck was going to just wander over to play with the big black dog. Nut uh buddy!! Come on back, he’s just luring you over there!!



Keeping Score

Please forgive, I am seriously behind in my posting. Between work, life, camping, and general craziness I have barely got my walks and exercise in.

So today’s question. . . How do you keep score?

Are you one of those people that tick and tack every single thing, remembering all the details, and mashing over the minutia until your eyes bleed????

Or are you the kind that rolls with the punches, bright-eyed Polly Anna that it will all work out / even out in the end.


So what does keeping score have to do with healthy living?? Everything!! It tracks your progress. Not just what you did today, but also how far you have come.

This evening, I was looking back at the last couple games for Alex Gordon. Poor guy has been making good contact with the ball, but in looking at his past at bats, the outs were made 4-3 , 4-3, 4-3, struck out swinging, etc, etc, etc. It got me thinking that at the end of the day, it’s just stats that you are looking back at. No matter what happened yesterday, you still have a chance at this “at bat” to make a difference. A chance to make a change.

Same with healthy living, exercise, good choices, and supportive teams. Each day you have a choice to do the right thing.

So seize your At Bat today. Swing for the fences and make that reflection you see in the mirror proud of every play.