What makes you fat?

Tip to MDA again. Great article on the science and links of what truly makes us fat.


Funny that I was talking about something similar with my awesome doctor best friend last night. Government has the squeeze on what the (food lobbyists) deem as good science. How do we get enough independent doctors and scientists to expose the true links between corn, grains and sugar and how people get fat.

Pepper Eggs

Oh my gosh this was good. Marks Daily apple had a recipe and I had to try it.

bell peppers, eggs, onions, ancho chili powder

Pre heat oven to 400 deg.
Half your peppers. Take left over sausage, or onions and put a little on bottom of pepper. Crack egg into pepper cup. sprinkle ancho chili over raw egg. Cook in oven 10-13 minutes until done.

Plate and add more onions or mushrooms over cooked peppers.


Leader, Follower, or Lemming

So we are at the baseball game tonight.

(Did you notice a trend this year? All the good stories start with this line.)

Any way! I digress. The Royals are playing the Milwaukee Brewers. Somewhere in the 2nd inning, the sound craps out. Yes. No sound. Big clue that they are still running the hot dog race without the goofy music. The umpires look around and keep calling the game.

My first thought was, what a nice evening with little noise. Contrast that to Rob’s thought, that “I guess they still need to run the ads due to contractual obligations”.

But Rob’s next comment was more interesting. The crowd doesn’t know what to do with out the cue music.Duh! Is it a strike, an out? Do I clap? WTF???? Confusion!!!!!

But step aside for a moment and think about how often this is true in so many other parts of our lives.

Do you lead the pack and tell/show folks what to do? By job, example, or authority? Do they look to you because of what you do???? Are you a good influence or a bell ringer?

Are you the drooling Pavlovian dog after the bell rings, just sitting there patiently for your biscuit? You know you don’t need the biscuit, but you sit and drool any way because that is what you were taught.

Or are you a lemming? Mindlessly going through life just keeping up with the crowd. Breaking free is hard. Lots of extra running and pushing rocks.

Personally, I give the dog a lot of credit here. Conditioning, good or bad, can be overcome. That and at the end of the day, the dog is STILL excited to go for a walk.

Your choice. In the meantime, enjoy a nice quiet evening at the K. Royals are beating the Brewers.


Meatloaf Frittata

I found a great new site. Well, actually, Rob found the app months ago and I didn’t follow up on it. Then I found the link from another site and told him all about it (insert snicker here).


Terrific set of recipes. She had me at the bacon/guacamole Sammie’s. But this morning we tried the frittata.

Preheat oven to 350 deg

Took last nights leftover meatloaf, broke up and warmed up in pan.
Add sliced bits of capricola (mmmmmm spicy) and green onions.

Put 1/2 tbs butter in medium ramekin. Throw in oven to melt.

When protein mixture is all heated, add to ramekin with the butter.

In separate bowl, mix up 2 eggs and a bit of cream. Add to ramekin.

Throw in oven for 15 minutes. Eat. Savor. Enjoy.

What not to do:
If you are making more than 1 serving, do not mix all 4 eggs and pour from 1 bowl or if you do, pour more carefully than I do. The egg/cream mixture slipped out so quickly there was no way to recover. I stead I quickly just beat up 2 more eggs and added to the other ramekin.

Can you tell the difference in which had the cream???



And shown next to With below. Really quite a difference.
The cream was much more fluffy. Also with the 4 eggs instead of two it took longer to cook
The non cream was much more dense like quiche batter

Either way makes a fantastic breakfast with my honey.


What did you enjoy for breakfast?? Make sure it fuels your body and your soul!!

Then . . . Wait for it . . . Go get outside already!!!!!