Leader, Follower, or Lemming

So we are at the baseball game tonight.

(Did you notice a trend this year? All the good stories start with this line.)

Any way! I digress. The Royals are playing the Milwaukee Brewers. Somewhere in the 2nd inning, the sound craps out. Yes. No sound. Big clue that they are still running the hot dog race without the goofy music. The umpires look around and keep calling the game.

My first thought was, what a nice evening with little noise. Contrast that to Rob’s thought, that “I guess they still need to run the ads due to contractual obligations”.

But Rob’s next comment was more interesting. The crowd doesn’t know what to do with out the cue music.Duh! Is it a strike, an out? Do I clap? WTF???? Confusion!!!!!

But step aside for a moment and think about how often this is true in so many other parts of our lives.

Do you lead the pack and tell/show folks what to do? By job, example, or authority? Do they look to you because of what you do???? Are you a good influence or a bell ringer?

Are you the drooling Pavlovian dog after the bell rings, just sitting there patiently for your biscuit? You know you don’t need the biscuit, but you sit and drool any way because that is what you were taught.

Or are you a lemming? Mindlessly going through life just keeping up with the crowd. Breaking free is hard. Lots of extra running and pushing rocks.

Personally, I give the dog a lot of credit here. Conditioning, good or bad, can be overcome. That and at the end of the day, the dog is STILL excited to go for a walk.

Your choice. In the meantime, enjoy a nice quiet evening at the K. Royals are beating the Brewers.


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