Knee Surgery

Surgery went well. Pretty loopy still. Rob and boys are taking care of me. Doing well, just loopy.
Best thing???? No barfing this time with anesthesia. I’d call that a win.

Someone please go get outside for me today. My wings are clipped for a couple days.


3 thoughts on “Knee Surgery

  1. It takes seven full days for those blood vessels to heal. Stay off your feet, don’t go opening them up and getting some swelling.

  2. Wow, I hope everything’s going well for you. Honestly at this stage I’d just relax like Papa said, it’s the best thing for you and don’t feel guilty about asking for help, it’s in your best interest right now for everyone to wait on you so you can hear better. When my grandfather went through this we had no problems taking care of him because we understood what he was going through, although he would try and not ask for anything because he felt bad about it and at one point he tried to get up and walk over to get his own water and we had to yell at him to get back into his recliner and relax again. The biggest shock we had besides that though was the bill, but thankfully we found this calculator and it works really well. Lets you customize your age, insurance, pre-exisiting conditions and your location too and then pops you out a bill! When we got our bill, it was perfect, showed us what we could expect. Our insurance was picky about the surgery and only cover a small portion so this really helped us prepare and save up to take care of it. I’ll pass it on to you and I hope it works for you as well! Good luck with recovery!

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