Stir Crazy

Update on the knee. Bandages are off and I can visably see the swelling going down. Two showers and I still can’t get that gross yellow iodine wash off. Ick

Stir crazy is setting in. Big time. After all, there is only so many Zulu movies and baseball games a girl can watch.

Reprieve. We went out to dinner and tried the new Oklahoma Joe’s. BBQ, as you know, is hotly disputed whose is best. Joe’s delivers good fast food. Nothing fancy. Their new place in Leawood, creates the easy atmosphere of the gas station in Mission.

Hobbling on crutches, the greeter made sure we knew what to do and offered a seat right away. Thanks Joe!!!!

Now settling in for opening Ceremony for the Olympics.

So now, since the IOC won’t do it. . . Please join me in a moment of silence and remembrance for the Israeli athletes that lost their lives to evil terrorists 40 years ago.

May the spirit of goodness follow these athletes all through the games.


Well, if you haven’t done it already, get outside already. I’m not quite behind you, PT starts tomorrow, but give me a couple more days.

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