How long can you stand???

Okay. I am weaning my self off pain meds, including alive. I still can’t stand in same place for too long. That means my latest quilt on the rack is not done yet. Rrrrrrrrrr. This is very frustrating for me and probably more so for my dear client Michelle. I can do a bit of walking. I am not cleared for light weights yet. But I feel like I am in limbo.

Must heal NOW. Just saying

Team Weights

Rob and I decided to add some home team weights to the mix. Last night after scouts was day 1.

Here’s my short work out
3 sets curls 8 pounds x 15
3 sets tri’s 8 x 15
Standing reverse rows 3 sets 10 lbs x 15
Kettle lift 3 sets 10 lbs x 15
Ball crunches 3 x 15
Quad lifts 3x 15

Poor Buck was beside himself that we didn’t play with him. Sorry dude!

Hiding with HammerHead.


So, you head to the grocery store. You are spending more time in the outside aisles. You are proud of your healthy choices. Fruits, veggies, even Tudors. Yeah you!!!

But then something new temps you. Mmmmmmmm. What would be easier than quick, yummy, already made guacamole. Sounds good doesn’t it.

STOP Now!!!! Turn the package and read the label. Quick hurry!!!!!!!

Skim milk, soy bean oil, tomatoes, water, coconut oil, contains less than 2% avocado, whole eggs, onion salt, blah, blah, blah, blech!! Then there are about 30 other ingredients that I can not name.

WTF????????? Contains less than 2% avocado???????? For a 12 oz package, that means you have LESS than .25% avocado in your hand. Seriously.

So that wonderful, simply delicious package has lulled you into the world of Franken Food. What do I mean by that? Simply, simply food altered into unhealthy crap. The labels and marketing pull you in with. Healthy! Made with 0g trans fat per serving. Only 90 calories! Made with wholesome skim milk.

Now, go back to the top of your label. Serving size is 2 tbsp or 1 oz. yup. 2 tbsp of man made Franken Food.


Next, let’s look at the humble avocado. The real McCoy. (Persea americana)

1/5 of a medium avocado or 1 oz of delicious plain avocado = 50 calories
Yup same serving size and no crap.

Eating good healthy food is not hard, but just knowing the easy way is not necessarily then healthy way.

Julia’s Guacamole

4 fresh ripe Haas avocados
2 limes, juiced
Garlic (powdered or fresh) to taste
Chile powder. For more smokey taste go with Ancho chili. For spicy, go with cayenne, habanero, or jalapeƱo.

Mash it up & Eat with favorite vehicle of choice.

Me? Since I don’t eat chips any more. I love to eat with red or yellow peppers sliced into easily dippable chips. Better yet. Just get out the spoon. Dip, eat, yum

PS. The pits? If your are making the guac ahead of the party. Put the pits back in the top of the guac, then squeeze a bit more fresh lime over the top. The pits and the citric acid in the lime prevent the guacamole from browning.



Rob and I went to church today. The temperature started at 60 deg. We loaded up the kayaks on Vanni, and even talked Jeremy into going with us.

The lake is very low. At least 1-2 feet down. All around the lake is a small rocky shore. The water looked really good.

Dog park was packed. Lots of ball and sticks being thrown while every one took advantage of this lovely morning. Jeremy was great and threw plenty of balls back to shore.

After 1 hour doing the full perimeter of the lake, we said amen and went home.



Waiting for Sean

Patiently waiting for Sean today. I miss him!!! Sounds like he, Gram and Papa have had a terrific time. The pictures have been amazing.

I’m taking a vacation day today. I really need the mental refresh day. Started out by watching Manchester United go public on the NYSE, fresh coffee, and then gym.

I’ve started a work out note book to help keep me honest.


14 min on cycle no resistance
Lat pulls front 25 lbs 3 sets 15 reps each
Lat pulls back 25-3-15
Pec fly 25-3-15
Delt fly 25-3-15
Vertical chest 25-3-15
Vertical row 30-3-10
Side to sides 50
Lower legs 10
Quad lifts single ea leg 2-10
Reg crunches 40

Not a good Day

Not a good day. Woke up this am, with pain every where. I think it is sleeping on my back on the new temperpedic bed. Body relaxes, but then can’t compensate for knee torque.

Rrrgh. With the number of pillow on my side of the bed, you think there could be some soft place to land.

Pool PT done tonight. Now icing the heck out of my knee. Gonna see the doc tomorrow am for the weird calf pain. Not as bad as last week, but still triggering.

One day at a time. Ooooooooo Rahhhhhhh