Team Weights

Rob and I decided to add some home team weights to the mix. Last night after scouts was day 1.

Here’s my short work out
3 sets curls 8 pounds x 15
3 sets tri’s 8 x 15
Standing reverse rows 3 sets 10 lbs x 15
Kettle lift 3 sets 10 lbs x 15
Ball crunches 3 x 15
Quad lifts 3x 15

Poor Buck was beside himself that we didn’t play with him. Sorry dude!

Hiding with HammerHead.

1 thought on “Team Weights

  1. That’s a lot! I suggest cutting the reps to 2 and adding some movement. For example, if you have a half bosu, do the curles while hopping on the bosu, curl, hop off the other side, repeat. This will help improve balance and dexterity; prevent falls. Be sure to rest 24 hours before the next session of weights. Alternating days, do the aerobics and core exercises. We see Buck likes the Hammerhead. Sean knew he would.

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