Knocking off the TO DO list

Ever since we sold our house in Almaden-San Jose, CA, Rob and I have maintained to short term and long term to do list for the house. We had so many things to fix when we sold the last house, we never wanted to have to do that again. Over the years we’ve had minor things, to major things to fix.

Then. . .

There was the wish list.

Only what you knew you longed for was on the wish list. And, those things we also on the long term, we’ll get to it some day list.

This summer is someday!!!!!!!

We started remodeling our master bathroom. Yes, this is the bathroom we plan to grow old in.


The old whirlpool tub is gone and this will be our walk in duel shower head sanctuary. We were both feeling the beachy theme. Smooth pebbles in the shower. Tile that has flecks of sand. Warm wood tones for the vanity and closet like driftwood. Mmmmmmmmmm. Joyful Sunset Shores await.

So the workermen have been working very hard, and Sean has been gracious to let us share his bath.

But this weekend was getting some manly man, fire builder, pyro getting on. We have a new area off deck and tonight will be our first fire. Wahoot!! Look at what my men built!!!



We even had enough blocks to circle 2 trees.


1 thought on “Knocking off the TO DO list

  1. Wow, that looks spectacular! Way to go, Rob and Sean. That fire ring will serve for many years to come. Love to share it with you.

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