Digital Convert

Well. It finally happened. It took me an hour to locate a set of pictures with just the hope that I would find a hard copy, let alone a negative.

You see, I have to put pictures (digital damn it) on a disk for Jeremy’s eagle slide show. The good news is that I have actually been downloading my pictures regularly from camera and iPhone to disk. So finding the scout pictures will not be that hard. Nope, instead, Rob had a special request of a picture from 2005. Pre Digital.

Ut Oh. Oh shoot (me now if I can’t find it)!

Nope, not down stairs in the studio. That would be too easy to be stored in the nicely labeled boxes by year. Time to trudge back upstairs to look in the drawer of doom. I found lots of great vacation pictures. San Diego Zoo. New Orleans. Family photos. And my absolute favorite. Christmas pictures that come in or as Christmas cards. I NEVER throw those away. Mostly because the folks are kind enough to put both dates and NAMES on the front. They really help me remember who everyone belongs too. 😉

Two drawers and several dust sneezes later, I found the Mazatlan pics, but none of the actual photo I needed. Sheesh! That meant it was time to get out the light box for reviewing negatives. More UGH!

God bless it, but I ended up bringing the wrong envelope down to the studio and jackpot! The one that I was supposed to bring down was actually still in the kitchen! Yes now I am positive I am being looked after by a higher power.

Digital pictures here I come!!!!!!


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