Bacon Scented Shaving Cream

From bacon covered scallops to bacon ice cream. A couple of entrepreneurs have now marketed bacon flavored shaving cream.

Beyond the self indulgence of smelling like bacon in the morning (& perhaps all day), There is the question of how do you live with your self? No, not the narcissist self that you made bacon smell. But the sadist self that makes the bacon smell just so others are pulled in with “ohhhhhh is that bacon I smell?”

Personally I find myself wondering, if a girl uses the shaving cream, does that now constitute “overt solicitation?” What mayhem and chaos could ensue if a proper warning label wasn’t included on her bum?
You remember the Planter’s 2008 SuperBowl commercial. Those poor men follow her around like puppies smelling Beggin’ Strips!!!!!


And that was just a little cashew dapped be hind the ear!

So moral of the story??? A little dap may do you good, but tying the ham hock around your ankles (or at least apply cream liberally, shave and rinse) may have dire consequences.

Use Responsibly my friends. Use Responsibly.

Discombobulating Morning

Do you ever have the mornings where you just don’t know how you got up and made it to work in the morning. Not that you are a zombie, but that if your arse wasn’t attached to your butt, you’d probably leave it in Poughkeepsie at a bus stop.

It’s been one of those weeks. Brain overloaded coming back to work. So many deadlines and competing pings that I can feel it melting down. The good news is that I was able to work from home so far. The bad news was that I really needed to get into the office today.

Good nights sleep. Check
Ht the snooze alarm. Check
Shower. Check
Coffee protein smoothie. Check
Lunch. Check

And now the fun
Water bottle. Opps in dishwasher
Coffee mug with coffee. Nope
Car left open over night. Must remind new driver to lock da jeep!
Hit every light on way to freeway? Of yes.

And now for the best thing of the morning. Drum roll please . . .
They cleaned the carpets at work.
The smell is awful.

No I know how Bill Watterson felt when he drew this lovely picture.



Veggie Pizza

Rob and I have been wanting to try out some veggie pizza. As he is the world’s best pizza maker, taking out of the diet 2 years ago hasn’t been his favorite thing.

Inspiration finally met planning while grocery shopping this weekend.

I give you Portobello and Eggplant pizzas.


For the portobello mushrooms. Clean off the stems first and take out all the gills. Brush off any excess soil with a dry paper towel. Next time I will use gloves or a spoon for this as the gross gills got under my fingernails. Yuck! Worse than working in the yard!!!!!!
Eggplants should be gently rinsed and then thinly sliced for a flat pizza surface. If you are not a skin person, just take the skins off before you slice the eggplant.

Place veggies on foil cooking sheet.
Cover / brush with olive oil and broil for about 6-8 minutes.

Remove from heat and place on a heat resistant working surface. Add veggies, meat, sauce, cheese, what ever. Place back into the oven for 8-10 minutes. You know it is done when the pepperoni is toasted and the edges just start to curl up (Rob’s pizza tip).

These little dandies can be made and stored in the fridge ahead of time. Since they are chilled coming out of the fridge, be sure to heat up the oven and cook them a little longer to get your veggie base completely heated/cooked.


Dog Park

We got to play outside today. After a leisurely morning with breakfast and coffee, Rob, Buck and I went to Heritage Park for out door walkies. The temperature was perfect!!!!! Chilly but no wind. I know we are going to be slammed with weather soon, but we are still enjoying the day.

Buck found the mud wallow and was up to his belly in the muck. Yes he earned himself a ride home in the way back of the van and a shower. Yuck!!!!




Off road wheel chairs

I came across this video article this am. Couple of great things.
1. Innovation. How do y make a product better.
2. Buy in. Interface with the end users to get to better solutions.
3. Usability. A product that can be used and repaired anywhere just makes sens.

Too Cool. Hope you enjoy this video on off reading wheelchairs.

Unexpected Thanksgiving Guest

While we are getting ready for a household full of people, I am reminded that often with The holidays, comes an unexpected guest.

Heart Attack

Can you recognize the symptoms in your self or in others? More often than not, CPR is first administered by some one you know rather than a paramedic. Your best chance of survival or helping someone else is knowing the signs and the stepping into action.

signs of a Heart Attack
1). Chest discomfort or in other parts of the upper body
2). Shortness of breath, without or without pain
3). Nausea or lightheadedness
4). Sweating

Many women mistake general achenes and don’t recognize some of their symptoms. Many said later they just thought they had the flu.

Be Prepared!!!!