Discombobulating Morning

Do you ever have the mornings where you just don’t know how you got up and made it to work in the morning. Not that you are a zombie, but that if your arse wasn’t attached to your butt, you’d probably leave it in Poughkeepsie at a bus stop.

It’s been one of those weeks. Brain overloaded coming back to work. So many deadlines and competing pings that I can feel it melting down. The good news is that I was able to work from home so far. The bad news was that I really needed to get into the office today.

Good nights sleep. Check
Ht the snooze alarm. Check
Shower. Check
Coffee protein smoothie. Check
Lunch. Check

And now the fun
Water bottle. Opps in dishwasher
Coffee mug with coffee. Nope
Car left open over night. Must remind new driver to lock da jeep!
Hit every light on way to freeway? Of yes.

And now for the best thing of the morning. Drum roll please . . .
They cleaned the carpets at work.
The smell is awful.

No I know how Bill Watterson felt when he drew this lovely picture.



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