Sausage Scramble

I must admit, this week has not been a breakfast week. Nearly every day, I’ve made and downed the proverbial protein smoothie. Pretty basic. 1 1/4 cup coconut milk, 2 scoops protein powder, frozen strawberries. Blendtec. Drink. Done.

But this morning I was craving something more substantial. Just as Rob was rummaging though the cupboard, I asked, “want eggs?”. He said “that sounds way more exciting than oatmeal.” (Internal brain screamed duh! Well of course it is better than that gluten lain stuff!).

So Sausage scramble it is. I use the Jones Dairy Farm frozen sausage from Costco. See link below. It is gluten free and has no additives. I love them. Plus you can pronounce every item on their ingredient list. A must in my book.–P71C9.aspx

Scramble is pretty easy. Remove size ration from container and throw in pan at medium high temperature.


Prep/ crack eggs. We use 2-3 eggs per person. I wisk my eggs with a fork. Don’t forget some butter. You actually need this to help regrease the pan before you put the eggs in.

Turn and flips sausages so they brown all over. Once they start to darken, use spatula to break into bite size pieces and add butter.




Before you pour the eggs in the pan, Be sure to lower the temperature to 40-50%. Remember your pan is already super hot from the sausage. Lowering the temp will cook the eggs more evenly in my opinion and not make the rubbery.


Gently move around pan until completely cooked. Plate and call the troops. “Breakfast is Ready”


Hope you’ve been noticing the holiday plates. I usually find them after the season is over. I can’t wait to break them out each year!!

Have a Super Day!!

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