Stew in the Pressure Cooker

Today was a sensory overload day. It started with my favorite light jacket smelling of yucky perfume. It ended with loud co-workers having discussion that should have been taken to a conference room, where even ocean sounds video or music couldn’t drown it out. I finally settled on the ABBA Gold album. Dancing Queen seems to drown most of it out.

I did get to deliver 2 quilts to Michele (which she loved) but by the end, I was poooped out from all the over stimulation. So I called Rob to let him know i was baling on guild tonight. Crowds and cackles were just not going to hit well. I could just feel it!

Lucky for me, I have the best husband in the world and he was up for a quiet evening at home. So what do you do with stew meat to make dinner in 30 minutes or less? Pressure Cooker.

Cut up 1 1/2 onion
Put in pan with olive oil and garlic.
Add stew meat to brown.
Meanwhile, start pressure cooker warming up. Add broth. We used 365 mushroom stock from Whole Foods. Add more garlic, and carrots.

When meat browned and everything in the skillet looks good, add meat and onions to pressure cooker. Secure lid to product standards and turn the heat up to high.

Wait until lid gently rocks and lower temperature. Set timer for 20 minutes and voila.


Yes that is steam!!! Freaks Buck out every time. Tee hee hee.


Wait for the pressure button to release and voila . . . Dinner Done.

Crock Pots are for pussies.



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