Steak. It’s what’s for Dinner

Winter cooking is a bit tricky in Kansas. For the Transplanted California family that loves to grill nearly everything, rainy cold evenings in the winter make for a challenge. We have two indoor grills, and they are fine for chicken, but for steak, things never come out quite right. Therefore I am always happy to bring out my mom’s method of doing them in a skillet.

I try to use my meat tenderizer on all lesser cuts of beef. It does two things. 1) breaks up some of the fibers. 2) and most important, it helps the meat take in the marinade.

So anywhere from an hour to several before you cook, pull your steaks out and give the the heave ho plunge. Mix your marinade of choice. Last night was . . .
Olive oil
Teaspoon of ginger vinegar

Cover that in a bowl and let sit. If you are doing early in the day, a zip lock bag works great so you can turn the meat over a couple of times during the day for even absorption.

When ready to cook, get out your biggest skillet. I love my La Cruset cast iron skillet from our wedding. Takes a licking and and keeps on cooking.

Prep your veggies and ingredients. For tonight we have yellow onions, Bella and white mushrooms and wine.




Heat to medium temperature. Throw in olive oil and a little butter.

Add the onions and let them cook until translucent. Then add the mushrooms. Seriously Julia Child was right. If you don’t crowd them the carmalize much better.


Remove steaks from marinade and add to skillet, pushing them down so they are closer to the bottom of the pan.


Cover with the lid for 2 minutes. Then flip the steaks. Cook until you’ve reached your desired temp.



Plate and you are ready for dinner. Rob set the table last night. Can you guess where the Santa Plate landed?


Nine out of ten Bucks agree that my steak is the best. Just saying.


2 thoughts on “Steak. It’s what’s for Dinner

  1. You have a great way to cook steaks, especially during the winter months. It’s the way chefs in the Parisienne Bistros cook them!
    Here’s a suggestion. Brown the steaks first, uncovered, with a little olive oil. Then remove from the skillet. Add the onions and ‘shrooms and cook uncovered, until they are softened and colored to the degree you like. Then return the steaks to the pan with the onions and ‘shrooms, cover and let cook until the steaks are cooked to the desired doneness, just a few minutes. We prefer medium rare, or an inner temp of about 125 degrees. You won’t have to marinate the steaks before hand, as the aromas and flavors from the cooked onions and ‘shrooms will permeate the meat. And, of course, serve with Frites. Voila! Parisienne Steak frites.

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