Sicilian Slammers

With the new puppy requiring constant monitoring, I forgot to post of of the last yummy Breakfasts we made over the weekend.

Now I know these meats don’t originate from Sicily, but I like the name, so lets roll with it.

Costco or your deli counter is a wonderful place for cured meats. They just add a little zip to any meal. Whether it is cutting up some prosciutto and putting it in with your onions for dinner or making breakfast, they certainly add something special.

Sicilian Slammers start by lining the grill tray with foil for easy cleaning.
Spread out the various meats in two sections. We usually add pepper jack cheese, the put into the toaster oven until warm and meaty melty.

While cooking, warm up your egg pan. Again, I usually crack my eggs into separate ramekins. The salons for this is 1) you can pull out pesky shells much more easily. 2) the egg yolks stay together in the pan easier for better flipping.



I flip my eggs for over medium when the are 1/2 way cooked to the top. Once I flip them, I turn off the heat. You can see when the bottom of the eggs is nearly all white like the picture, but there are still white jiggles around the yolk. I think it makes for a pretty darn good fried egg.

Remove the meats from the toaster oven and gently slide the fried eggs on top. You are now ready for a scrumptious breakfast. These Sicilian Sammie’s were served with yummy Pepper Bacon.


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