Christmas Dinner was Delicious

Happy to report that the Roast Beast was absolutely delicious.  We were so lucky to have our friends over for an afternoon of food, wine, playing games and presents.

Here is the Roast.  Perfectly cooked. Before I put it in the standing roaster, I bring the meat out to come up to temperature a bit.  While this happens, I stab a couple holes in it and add garlic and my special Carl’s spice blend.  Doing this lets the meat pull in the flavors before starting to cook.  Roast Prepthe spike is a digital thermometer.  I set the beep temp to rare 145 degrees.  This lets me pull the beef out to bring up the remaining 5 degrees to medium. perfect every time.IMG_1348Once the Roast is out of the oven, the dripping pan goes on the stove to make gravy.  This has been a real challenge going gluten free.  The best thickener I’ve found is Arrow Root.  You need to add sparingly as it does thicken faster than flour or Wondra.

Our vegetables were oven roasted as well.  I season mine with olive oil and sea salt.  Put on a cookie sheet under the broiler.  Turn a couple times and they are good to go.  IMG_1351

For the fold that can’t do without mashed potatoes, I did a rough country mash with Yukon gold and purple potatoes.  Add butter and the mouths are watering.  Marie made some cauliflower and the table was set.20121225-114322.jpg

Many thanks for such a lovely Christmas.  i am so blessed to have my family and friends. New Years is just around the corner!!!


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