Poached Eggs with Salmon & Capers

Busy morning so far.  Up with the dog for early morning potty trips.  We went to Stanley Vet for Scout’s next round of shots. Finally home and everyone is ready to relax before we have Troop 10’s C Team invade us later for rehearsal and crafting session.

Just as I was ready to sit down, Rob asked if I’d eaten yet.  NOPE!!  We headed to the kitchen to scrounge some grub-n-zie left overs to go with eggs. Rob toasted up open face cheese & pepperoni slices to go with his poached eggs.  I heated up some left over salmon to go with mine.

For Christmas Rob got me a new Le Creuset poaching pan.  WoW! I love this puppy.

Egg Poach Pan

This was the 2nd time we used the pan.  For this go round, I put a little bit of butter in each of the cups so that the eggs would release more easily.  It worked like a charm.

Poached Eggs with Salmon & Capers

Just look at how the yolk runs out perfect and gooey.  MMMMMMM.  Capers compliment the eggs and salmon just wonderfully.  A little bit of salty goodness.

poached eggs

No better way to start the “day” then with my bestest honey for breakfast.

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