Snow in Kansas

After a very mild winter last year and little rain this past summer, we have been blessed with two snows already in Kansas.  Not more than a couple inches each, but enough to make you enjoy it.

As you all know, the biggest challenge challenge with any new puppy is potty training.  Our dog door has been making it much easier this pup around.  However, ensuring that everyone takes breaks from play and snooze with a pee trip is never fun when you have 2 inches of snow on the deck.  Uggs and winter coats are ready to go at the back door, along with a “walkies noise” rattler that both dogs perk up their ears and follow you out side with.  Yes.  I am still smarter than a puppy.

Last weeks snow was very fluffy.  So I was able to get out side with my camera to capture a couple scenes from the yard.

Snow Flakes on Rose Bush.

Flakes on Rose Bush


Ice on Christmas Bulbs

Ice on Christmas Blubs


This was taken at night with the Christmas lights illuminating the bare Burning Bush.

Flakes on Burning Bush

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