Power of the Puppy Pile

Scout has been in the family now for just a little over a month.  One thing for sure, this kid is a snuggle dog, have to touch you, can i sleep right here, Puppy Pile’er.  Buck has always been happy to be right next to you or in the room, just where he can see you.  But Scout, he needs to be with the one he loves, and make it so he is “actually” touching.

The first time I saw Scout “pile in” was a couple weeks ago.  Buck and he had played hard and Buck plopped down right in front of the fire place.  Scout had started his snooze at my feet and then promptly got up and tucked right in with Buck.

Buck & Scout

I think Buck was so surprised as he looked up and like he was creeping out. “eeewww the kid is touching me again Mom!!!!”.  But now they seem to tuck in automatically

IMG_0135I see them do it, but don’t quite understand it. How can you touch that long and still relax to fall asleep.  Is it the touching that is relaxing or simply the warmth they get.  Or perhaps it is the breathing. While I am not sure about the reason, it has been interesting to watch the pile progression.

Scout with Rob

He knows what he wants and consistently puts him self where he is most comfortable.


On Rob's butt


Just happy to rest on and by the one he loves.


don’t wake me.  I’m comfy now!


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