Roasted Chicken

Well the boys left yesterday to do a skiing night at Snow Creek with the Boy Scouts.  Unfortunately, Scout is too young to board.  The little tyke got his last set of puppy shots yesterday and his official rabies license.  27.3 pounds (oh yes I had that marked correctly for the bet pool).

Bad news for me, is thinking that I may be getting the flu that has been going around.  As of this morning, I think it was just an upset tummy.  YEAH!!!!  But I did make early preparations just incase it was going to be full on flu with only the dogs to back stop me.

Roast Chicken to the rescue.

Roast ChickenBring home 1 roasting chicken.  Rinse is and pat dry with paper towels.  Put chicken into roasting pan and slover all over with olive oil.  add salt, pepper and rosemary.  Pop that puppy into the over at 425 degrees for 70 minutes and you have tasty roasted chicken.

Save all the bones, and plop into the pressure cooker to make chicken broth.  Don’t for get to add some vegetable to the broth to tasty it up.  Bring up to pressure and cook for 10 minutes and then let temperature drop naturally.  Strain and save for your sick day.

Feeling much better today.  The puppies let me sleep until 6:18 before rustling and needing to get up.  I feel a ton better, so I can’t wait for all my boys to get home and tell me about their ski adventures.




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