Did you ‘Ing today?

Wow. I knew with all the crazies I hadn’t posted in a while, but February 2?????? Yikes.

So as I was researching live aboard dive trips, I found a neat side web site. They said . . .

Add some ‘ing to your trip!

I thought that was such a great thing, that I followed my own advice and made sure the hounds and I had some good playing outside afterwork.

February was a nutty month. We had lots of ‘ing, but the bad kind.
Worrying, stressing, being too busy, snowing, shoveling, sucking up water, etc. so with all that past and mid week into birthdays we are officially adding fun ‘ing to the schedule.

Happy birthday Rob
Happy birthday Alissa
Happy birthday to all my friends Jenny, Jan, and Alex!!!

Oh yeah. Partying!!! Tomorrow is my bday too and gram and papa are coming to visit.

Let the festivities begin!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Did you ‘Ing today?

  1. Great Calvin and Hobbs cartoon! We looking forward to have a ‘ing good time too. See you soon – and Happy Birthdays!

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