2013 Birthday Week Closes Shop

Rob and I are lucky enough to celebrate our birthday’s together.  We start somewhere around March 7.  First dinner party is then on Rob’s day the 10th.  More fun mid week.  Next dinner is usually on my day the 14th.  And then we close the party with St Patrick’s Day.  Ten days of fun, frolic, feasting, good old fashioned hang out time.

Dinner was at our favorite restaurant Gas Light Grill in Leawood.  We sat in the back room to listen to Len Zimmer and the jazz band.  Little loud, but the music covers up how loud we all really are when we get together.

Yesterday our explore was up to St Joseph at the Patee House museum.  Patee House was the eastern start of the Pony Express route to California.  for 1/2 ounce of mail it cost $5.00 to send.  That was more than a week’s wages.  So I think the Pony Express was probably the Fed Ex of it’s time.  When it HAS to be there, it just costs a little more. Lots to see.


Dad & Liz Gram & Papa Sean ruling the world paying Outbreak Birthday Kisses Wishes for 2013 IMG_1698 IMG_1680 Jeremy not ruling @ outbreak IMG_1682

1 thought on “2013 Birthday Week Closes Shop

  1. It was a delicious dinner and a fascinating day at the Patee House Museum! And where else should one see Oz the Great and Powerful but Kansas??? Lots of fun all around! Thanks again.

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