Keeping me Honest

Having hounds in the house does a couple things.

First, you have to stay fairly clean and picked up.  The day you don’t, they go and pull the dirty undies out right when you have unexpected guests stopping by.

Second, you tend not to put too much hope that you will win the lawn of the month award from your homeowners association.

Third, they keep you Honest.  After all, Dogs don’t lie.  They are the most honest creatures telling you exactly how they feel at that moment. They tell you when they are hungry, bored,  annoyed, and when they need love. Best of all, they help you get up in the morning.

Today we did about 2.5 miles.  I got a couple pictures of the purple clover in the corn fields.  These fields have been various shades of purple for 2 weeks now.  I love how the color looks first thing in the am and late evening.

IMG_0199 IMG_0202

Sunday is a Rest day

After a nasty 60+ hour week this week. This has been a non techno weekend. So countdown for what was great???? (Not in any order except put down on ‘paper’)

1) Hang with my boyfriend and rrrrhh
2) go on walkies
3) dinner drinks with our “best’ies”
4) sleep in both days (thanks Rob!!!!)
5) dog park
6) helping Kathi start a quilt.
7) mindless sewing
8) laundry can be therapeutic
9) buying lemonaide from from the neighbor kids
10) hanging on the deck


Not the worse for ware

Scout can home Thursday afternoon. Buck won’t admit to missing him, but he wasn’t 2 feet away from me for 2 days.

The vet said to keep Scout from running and jumping. And the. Laughed with a “good luck”. So I. 2 days he only jumped up a couple stairs and over couches. And only ate my tie cord for my scuba bag.

Must be a good day.

Ooooooo rahhhhhhh


A rude awakening expected

Well it is feel sorry night for Scout.  Tomorrow he visits Stanley Vet for the snip snip.  As he is romping around tonight, barking vigorously at Buck and pulling up my new plants, I am truly having trouble feeling sorry for the little shit.  Just saying.

Looking so innocent after pulling up my plants (again)

Looking so innocent after pulling up my plants (again)

Bottle Trees

You can find all sorts of references on Bottle Trees, but most seem to indicate that the practice started around 9th century Africa as a superstitious way to capture the evil spirit roaming around.  A bottle was hung in the tree.  When the wind blew you could hear the haunting whistles escaping from the the bottle.  The spirit was moaning trying to get out.  Blue bottles seemed most effective in capturing errant spirits.  But I am sure you could produce the same moaning with clear, green or brown glass.

Blue Bottle #1

A lovely Pinot Grigio

A lovely Pinot Grigio

Tourist Art

What always surprises me is the multitude of ways that a community can make money.  They pick a theme, develop the tourism, the artists and free spirits arrive and take kitsch to a whole new level (and not necessarily an elevated level).

Tourist Art.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not being snooty about Tourist Art.  We by it, own it, and show it off proudly.  But I will call it out for the capitalistic venture that it truly is.

Think about it  . . .

There is no better way to bottle up those feel good memories than in a postcard or magnet that pictures the scene exactly as you saw it (well minus the tourists, grime, long lines, cars, traffic, high prices, and uppity sales people).


Every city has it’s tourist art.  Even the small little tadpole city’s have some local artist that specializes in local photography, metal work or bunt cake at the local bake sale.  It’s the big cities and local mecca’s that take tourist art to it’s pinnacle level.  You can’t go to the top of the Empire State Building with out walking through a shop with miniature Empire State Buildings that have NY NY emblazoned boldly on the side (& made in China on the bottom).  San Francisco is  know for it’s sweatshirt sales because every good Midwestern is convinced that it is always 80 degrees and sunny in California, especially in San Francisco.  Chicago has Sears Tower (I mean Willis Tower).  Seattle has the space needle. Paris has la Tour Eiffel, London wouldn’t be the same without Lady Di or Big Ben.

Truly, I am not trying to be cynical about Tourist Art.  I love the pure capitalism that springs forth in these places.  Shop owners and goods makers each working to share their own little view of how they see their city. But what I really love is seeing something truly unique shared with the visitor.  IMG_1734 butterfly display in St Helena

So why am I talking about Tourist Art????  I am feeling the need to create a bit on my own.  I fell in love with the Bottle Chandeliers and various wine cask decor.  There were rocking chairs (equipped with a wine holder).  Candelabra’s and tacky wine cork screws.  Blah Blah Blah.  Lot’s of it.  But As much as it all looked wonderful.  I don’t want to bring home someone else’s idea of “branded Napa”.  I want to make it mine.

So . . . Stay tuned for a new creation in the making.

Motoring in downtown St Helena

Amongst all the kitsch girl shops in Napa, there was a Harley rental store.  The out building had large airplane motors.  very cool.  Such a nice clean shop. But when you walk in and see all the leather seats and saddle bags, they scream RIDE ME NOW please.

Big Sigh.

sorry and sadly I can’t.  so back to the girly shops I went.

IMG_1732 IMG_1733

Order of the Arrow – Tap out Ceremony

If you don’t know by now, we’re a scouting family.  One of the big campouts every year is the Tap Out.  This ceremony is to “tap out” the scouts and adult scouters that have been elected by their peers to join Order of the Arrow.  OA is an honor camping society that was developed by Lord Baden Powell to help boys continue on the trail to eagle.  Boys must be a 1st class scout, have done a long term “camp” and had enough camping nights.  It is pretty neat.  Adults must have the same camping and are also looked to as leaders in the troop.

This year we were at camp Timberlake just south of Overland Park.  It was an old girl scout camp.  There is a small lake, a stream, plenty of trees and grass.  We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.

taking care of the flag

Well our Troop does a pretty awesome ceremony.  And I am proud to death that both my sons both participate and were lead characters.

Here is Jeremy.  He rode in on horseback this year as Mateu, the wise medicine man.  Mateu Entrance on Horse

Sean was Kitchkenet.  One of the Warrior’s that stares down the little scouts and taps them out


The Stare Down

Mark of Mateu

big fire

Missing a picture of my hubby Rob.  When i find one of us, I’ll insert it into the post.  here is Sean and I.

Sean & Julia

So proud of their hard work.  All the boys were wonderful in the ceremony.  A special thanks to Rob Baker who helps mentor my young men.