Hippie’s Alive and Well in California

If you have had teenagers, especially teen age boys, then you know the game “slug bug”.  in Kansas, bugs and beetles are rare enough that it is fun sport.  Of course since my hubby and I don’t hit, we changed the game to “Smooch Buggy”.  Infinitely more fun for adults.  That, and everyone’s a “winner”.

In Napa, the bugs and beetles are sooooo prevalent that it is confirmation the hippies are also thriving in the valley.  Evidence by how many antique VW’s were on the roads.  Between the Prius, Tesla’s and bugs, I was almost shocked that  real car’s were prohibited from existing on the hallowed roads.

Antique Bus

Good thing the “I want more and more is never enough” still has a place in Napa.  I was happy to see a BUNCH of Bentley’s.    Ahhh.  At least the Hippie’s haven’t outlawed conspicuous consumption. Yet.

Bentley Medalion

From the fields to the tasting rooms, Napa is certainly a picture of contrasts.

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