As you know, our winter was long. We even had snow into May. This delayed my favorite flower in their blooms. The Peony!!!!

i fell in love love with these pom pom blooms in a Martha Stewart magazine when we lived in California. My month ear in law swayed me not to spend my money on them there. She had tried to grow them and all the Midwest “freeze” tricks that we used on lilacs wouldn’t work.

When we moved to Kansas, I bought multiple plants. Dotted around the yard, they look completely dead in winter, but then the woody shoots climb out of the mulch. Large broad leaves show hints of a small nub of color.

The peony usually is in full bloom by Mother’s Day. This year, they bloomed over Memorial Day.
The last week I have been picking the blooms and spreading them around the house. The rains this week made it imperative to share the love. All the neighbors got beautiful bouquets.

Even Scout is getting in the fun (not so). He loves the sweet smell and is getting to the blossoms faster than I can get them picked. AAARGH!!! Not sure what this dog doesn’t eat yet.


I think Scout likes the flowers and eats them because he is a winter baby and never had those smells in the yard.

Memorial Day

We remember all the loved ones that gave so much so the rest of us can live in freedom, without tyranny and persecution.

A special thanks to all those that continue to watch over our safety.  As a nation we can never do enough to repay your sacrifice and service.  Please know that you fill our lives with hope and joy.


Thirsty Thursday is here

As we start the Memorial Day Weekend what better way to ensure you are prepared and look chic as well . . . the wine purse.

Hat Tip to crafty cooking college girl. Thanks!! you’ve made friends with the leawood ladies.

A Girl and her Rats


Want to have wine ready to go without the hassle of bottles? Here is your answer, and picnics, concerts (and any event for that matter) will never be the same! Also good for camping to keep bottles at home or throw a box wine in here and get rid of the box.  You’re welcome, enjoy your thirsty Thursday !

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You know it’s time for a bath when . . .

your dogs purposely side swipe every blossomed bush and tree

your pooch smells about as lovely as the goodie bag you brought home from the walk

your little baby angel is spending a vast amount of time licking off his undercarriage

your hound trots into the room and you smell him over your teenager

and best of all

when your lovely chien, takes every opportunity to roll in ickies that you don’t even want to know who or what left that laying on the side of the pathway.

yes. it was that kind of morning, when even the Queen Anne’s Lace or fresh daisy’s can’t help this foul smelling scout.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!!!!




Scout. He’s that dog. Newton re-incarnated

Rob’s and my first dog after marriage was a chocolate labrador named newton.  A big barrel chested dog that pretty much marched to his own drummer.  He was a confident, strong, barking, eating machine.  He defended his yard with all due vigor.  Our friends will even recall that he defended the airspace from hawks and airplanes, lest the invade if he wasn’t vigilant.

The eating was a particular problem, as he would pretty much eat anything that wasn’t nailed down.  If it was nailed down, he’d gnaw on it to his heart’s content.  We finally dubbed him the $1000 dollar dog and eventually stopped counting the $$ damage. In any event, just a partial list for items eaten were:  arms of new couches, sprinkler heads, table legs, toys, pool sweep, peaches (pits and all), brooms and a gold herring bone necklace.   In fact, he ate so many things, that when we watched “Marley & Me” it brought tears to our eyes as Newton was that dog.

Fast forward 19 years, and we brought another new baby home.  While he’s definitely a chewer, this weekend If felt compelled to start making the “list” of what Scout has eaten. As a point of record, it seems that we only start adding to the list when you have THAT MANY things eaten over a short period of time.

This weekend’s list.

  • remote control
  • wallet (missed the license and credit cards)
  • power cable
  • concrete
  • usaa bill




Lava Hot

WoW. It is nice to say it is hot today. We even broke a new Kansas record. We have not been this hot in May since the 1940’s. considering it only just snowed 2 weeks ago, I am thankful for the heat. 1) my new sump pump isn’t working overdrive. 2) my plants are actually growing. 3) it just feels nice to soak up some vitamin D.

Neighbor dog, Jake, came to play today. Scout tried to immobilize Jake with the sonic bark. Buck enforced the rules and dear Neighbor boy showed me his fast ball right into my chest.

My head is still screaming from work. I can’t seem to get caught up. But, I’ll focus on that tomorrow.

For now, just toes up in the breeze relaxing with my beasties, with a chill pill, thinking what it would be like to be a lava lizard.



Happy Mother’s Day

It has been a couple (more than that), but a couple crazy weeks at Chez Day.  Work, school, scouts, dogs, etc.  So nice to have a perfect weather kind of weekend to just relax and hang out.

My mother’s day present is a new GoPro with all the goodies.  Jeremy (eldest son) has been raving about them from his broadcast class.  I figured with Bahama’s this summer, what better technology to bring home and get good with before we hit the high seas.

We have captured Scouts leaping bounds and his bark’all lots.  Buck too the cake this am.  We attached the chesty to him and took footage of him catching Kong Freezbies.  Now, as we load footage into programs that I have NO idea how they work, Jeremy has his costume cutlass out and is helping the dogs play (read exercise).

I love my boys.  I love my husband.  I am truly blessed.