Happy Mother’s Day

It has been a couple (more than that), but a couple crazy weeks at Chez Day.  Work, school, scouts, dogs, etc.  So nice to have a perfect weather kind of weekend to just relax and hang out.

My mother’s day present is a new GoPro with all the goodies.  Jeremy (eldest son) has been raving about them from his broadcast class.  I figured with Bahama’s this summer, what better technology to bring home and get good with before we hit the high seas.

We have captured Scouts leaping bounds and his bark’all lots.  Buck too the cake this am.  We attached the chesty to him and took footage of him catching Kong Freezbies.  Now, as we load footage into programs that I have NO idea how they work, Jeremy has his costume cutlass out and is helping the dogs play (read exercise).

I love my boys.  I love my husband.  I am truly blessed.


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