Scout. He’s that dog. Newton re-incarnated

Rob’s and my first dog after marriage was a chocolate labrador named newton.  A big barrel chested dog that pretty much marched to his own drummer.  He was a confident, strong, barking, eating machine.  He defended his yard with all due vigor.  Our friends will even recall that he defended the airspace from hawks and airplanes, lest the invade if he wasn’t vigilant.

The eating was a particular problem, as he would pretty much eat anything that wasn’t nailed down.  If it was nailed down, he’d gnaw on it to his heart’s content.  We finally dubbed him the $1000 dollar dog and eventually stopped counting the $$ damage. In any event, just a partial list for items eaten were:  arms of new couches, sprinkler heads, table legs, toys, pool sweep, peaches (pits and all), brooms and a gold herring bone necklace.   In fact, he ate so many things, that when we watched “Marley & Me” it brought tears to our eyes as Newton was that dog.

Fast forward 19 years, and we brought another new baby home.  While he’s definitely a chewer, this weekend If felt compelled to start making the “list” of what Scout has eaten. As a point of record, it seems that we only start adding to the list when you have THAT MANY things eaten over a short period of time.

This weekend’s list.

  • remote control
  • wallet (missed the license and credit cards)
  • power cable
  • concrete
  • usaa bill




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