Prepping for Camping merit Badge

This week I am helping Sean get prepared for completing a couple requirements on his camping merit badge.

Step 1 – collect needed back packing equipment

Step 2 – see what you actually don’t need from the pack list. Determine what items can be multipurpose to eliminate more weight.

Step 3 – Test and use light weight stove before you need to demonstrate to instructor

Step 4 – determine best way to put out fire.

Step 5 – finish freeze dried dessert cooking on stove.


Step 6 – return to Back Woods, for more instruction on light weight fuel canister connection

Step 7 – try again

Tip of the Day – ALWAYS home test your equipment before you head out on your trip. It is more fun to royally fail without a full audience.

Junk Mail?

Falling under the green housekeeping tip of the week . . .

Why recycle paper when you can send the junk mail back to sender. Just saying.



They even graciously pay to dispose. Fold and shove every thin you can into that darn little envelope. All that confidential info must be properly disposed of.