Coyotes back home in Saratoga?

Ran across this clip of our former hometown, Saratoga.


Seems nature is asserting it’s (ugly) presence.  Coyotes are freely roaming the neighborhoods hunting for food.  They are being (naturally) aggressive towards smaller or perceived weaker animals and running prey (I mean joggers).

If you don’t know, Saratoga California is a small bedroom township in the San Jose, Bay Area.  Nestled up into the hills, families have moved to this idyllic community for its nice neighborhoods, swanky restraurants, wonderful schools, and (gasp) it’s proximity to nature.  Even within the Golden Triangle, a view of the hills, the Santa Cruz Mountains, can be noted from most porches, backyards, & street corners.  In high school, my favorite escapes were to walk down to the creek nestled behind St Andrews Church or to get a little silence by riding my bike up to Villa Montalvo ( and walk the trails. Longer bike rides would bring me up to Hakone Gardens ( or up to Big Basin State Park.

Each of these personal escapes was a trip to . . .     (wait for it)  . . .      NATURE!!!!!!



The advice from the wildlife management person seems reasonable.

  • Don’t act like Prey (ie run away)
  • Don’t feed the wild animals!!  Why?  because they usually want more!!!

My own personal advice . . .

  • Don’t adopt the furry creatures.  They are not pets! They are wild.
  • Keep a better eye on your purse dog.

One of my favorite pictures below is of Jeremy in Yellow Stone.  Everywhere there are signs to be aware of Nature and WILD Animals.  And yes, you still see some dumb ass tourist trying to feed the “______”.

Don't Feed the Animals!


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