Kansas Sunsets

Being a Del Mar girl, I am partial to sunsets. Well let me be a little more specific.

           I LOVE THEM!!!!

Not just a little, “oh that’s sooo nice”.  But a lot.  A LOT a LOT.

For me, sunsets are God’s pause on your day.  I mean, no matter how tiring or cranky your day was, a sunset helps you pause for a couple minutes to admire everything that is greater than you.  All of the seemingly important things (your job, troubles, laundry lists, the dishes, that late report, or the “@*%$*#” co-worker) take back a seat to the magnificence in the sky. . .

Think about it.  Even in the movies, the power a sunset holds on our minds and relationships is tremendous.

The 1986 movie, “Running Scared” has Gregory Hines and Billy Crystal taking a (forced) holiday in the Florida Keys. They realize all the hustle and bustle of Chicago is clogging their lives and they just stop on the pier to take in the sunset.  Between two men discovering life’s balance and “dinging donuts”, the sunset gives these friends something to look forward to!

watching the sunset

watching the sunset

1998’s “CIty of Angels”, with Nicholas Cage, has angels congregating at beaches and bluffs to wake the day and see it off.


Kansas my not have the beaches.  But I am convinced, it really has some of the best sunsets. The high cumulous and stratus clouds help create some of the best sunsets. Deep Purple and Pink hughes scorch across the horizon to herald another day’s passing.  More evenings than not, one of us is looking out the laundry window and then calls the other out to the deck to view the majesty in progress.

This last Saturday’s date night was a perfect night for sunset’s.  After a lovely patio dinner at Sullivan’s, Rob helped chase some sunset’s down.  A perfect date night prolonged driving in a hot rod, trying to capture heaven in a bottle.

IMG_0275 IMG_0276 IMG_0283 IMG_0284 IMG_0286 IMG_0288 IMG_0291


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