Scout was NAUGHTY!!!!

Go Figure.  I know.  Tell you a story you don’t know.

After a day of laundry and moderate put away, Rob and I picked up the dogs at Sidney’s in the afternoon.  Same questions.  How was your trip?  Great!  How were the Dogs?

“Well”, the nice young lady said, “Buck is just the best dog ever.”  Yeah we know!

Then she says, “and Scout decided that he could jump the 5 foot fence to get out of the day care area so he could visit the ladies at the front desk.”

jaws dropping a bit. . . I ask, “Did he scale the wall or just go over?”

“Nope, he essentially did the steeple chase.  Gazelle to the top of the first low 3 foot wall and then up and over the taller wall to the front of the shop.”

I seriously felt like I was in the principal’s office.  If she wasn’t trying to hide her OMG smirk I think I would have felt worse.

Go Figure.  He IS THAT DOG.

Scout is THAT DOGAND he grew at least 2 inches!!!  Scout is now taller than Buck.


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