Daily Prompt: Beginnings

Today’s Daily Prompt question wants us to explore how long we have been blogging and what brought us here.

I have been writing forever in stashed away journals, scrapbooks, and steno pads.  I can not think of a point in my life that writing or drawing didn’t help me work through issues in my brain.  Whether it was working through a personal problem or working through the creation process, journaling, photo collection, and writing has helped me noodle in peace, let me sleep and generally allow me to function throughout any turmoil or problem.Photo Journals

I first started blogging in secret in July 2011.  Yes in secret.  I didn’t tell anyone or bring my blog live until October 2011.     http://moderndaydesigns.wordpress.com/2011/07/             I slowly categorized my quilts and wrote something about each of my pieces.  Putting pictures and captions on the blog was really no different than what I had originally done with my quilting scrapbook. This blog became a place to so the ladies how their quilts came out.  They were able to share their wonderful creations with the world.  I loved taking pictures and describing the process on how pieces came into being.

For example, take a look at the picture and drawing below.  I first took the picture of the vendorista on the beach in Mazatlan.  I knew I wanted to make a quilt out of the picture.  From picture, to drawing to quilt, I document the process.Mazatlan Fish IdeaGeometric Mexican Fish

Now, I document and share the process online.  I love to share the how and why I did what I did.  I know there are people that are secretive about their processes.  But in my opinion, It’s like creating a meal.  You can look at the recipe and get all the ingredients, but still not make it the same way as the original chef.  Artwork is the same thing.  You may have “borrowed” the idea as a jumping off point, but you wont be able to ever make a  Julia Original.

Getting from Art Quilts to Food & Fitness???

After I let my art blog go live, I actually found myself creating more in the kitchen than in the studio.  So, in the fall of 2011, I started Moderndayfitandfood.com

Modern Day Fitness and Food became the place to share what we were cooking in the kitchen and doing on the weekends.  My hope was to inspire more people to put some “ING” in their lives.  Playing and getting outdoors was brought back to the front of our family.  I had been that outdoor girl growing up. Bad habits, modern diet myths, poor choices, etc buried that girl under the layers of a big mamma bear grizzly.

Mazatlan 2001While I haven’t completed my journey (and don’t think I ever will), I have moved from just happy to WAY more Healthy.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the people that have given me encouragement!!  Whether it was writing, pictures, quilts, weight loss, or playing out side, this journey would not have been possible with out you!!

Julia 7-20-13

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